Wouldn’t it be nice

Yesterday evening I was in attendance at the Brian Wilson & The Zombies Tour. It’s funny how I was so excited that I was able to get a media pass! This was the first time I have shot photos in the Fantasy Springs Concert & Event Center without having to sneak. However, I was sorely under prepared. I misjudged the distance of my seats and left the heavy-duty lens at home. I was trying to keep my bag as light as possible as I wouldn’t be using a walking aid. Also, I was highly unprepared for how emotional I was going to get when Brian Wilson was wheeled onto the stage where he sat behind his piano. I couldn’t focus through my glistening eyes. Part of it was tears of joy seeing him behind that white piano and part of it was that it gave me hope as I am sure it gave others that are ever thinking about giving up. I just read a little about his struggles through the years with various issues. I am not going to go into those issues he has had but I will say that it seems music keeps him going. Funny, I started the yourpainisshowing.com to focus on creatives like Mr. Wilson, that keep doing their thing despite pain and other symptoms that go along with chronic illnesses. When I gathered my composure, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Every song brought memories of my early childhood and K-Earth radio (an ‘oldies station from Los Angeles) on in my Dad’s car. The music reminds me of all that is good like sea air and saltwater and Coppertone. Funny, but I knew most songs from the first note, even if they did not announce what they were about to play. The hairs on my arms stood up and I got goosebumps as soon as I hear the first note of Wouldn’t It Be Nice and some of the other songs that were played last night. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I requested a media pass. I had fully planned on trying to get closer shots and possibly move to one of the empty seats but refrained. I did not want to take away from anyone’s experience. I am sure that there will be great photos from the next shows on the Tour.

It’s been a while since I had this much good stuff to edit.

I will post the full video as soon as I can edit the video as I caught the song following directly after this one.

This show I highly recommend to anyone that dreamed about California Girls and to anyone that wanted to “hoist up the John B’s sail and see how the main sail set…” Also, I must mention Al Jardine, a Beach Boy! He was dressed in light colors and it made him seem to glow. However, I don’t think the glow was from the lights or his clothing. That glow was from the joy that man has playing music and it shined through. Also, I got lost watching the interactions with the other members of the band.

2019 Rock and Roll hall of fame inductees, The Zombies opened the show. I was excited to see this band as well. I felt like a teenager waiting for them to play that song. You know, Tell Her No. The beat had my head moving. I did try to capture that song on video but stopped a few bars in because I started singing along and bobbing my head to the beat. The simple but effective lyrics are infectious. Singer Colin Blunstone’s face and body displayed seasoned comfort of a long playing musician. He is one of the original members as well as piano player and original band member Rod Argent. You may remember this song and the lyrics

And if she should tell you “come closer”
And if she tempts you with her charms

Tell her no no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no-no-no-no
No no no no no
Don’t hurt me now for her love belongs to me
(Lyrics by: Rod Argent)

Tell Her No lyrics © Marquis Songs USA

The Brian Wilson & Zombies Tour has dates listed through September 28, 2019 so to any of you wanting to check these musical legends out, do it. Time stops for no one, even for super stars. You may never get the chance to see this line up again. It was quite magical if I may say so.

I know it’s not my normal post, but this is actually what my blog was supposed to be about when I started it a year ago. I wanted to report and show people what I hear and see when I am out shooting photography. It happens that music photography is a passion of mine that I am working on when ever and where ever I am given the chance. I would like to thank Fantasy Springs Casino & Resort in Indio, CA. My deepest gratitude for last night. Not only did I get to challenge my shooting skills but that was the first time I have walked around that complex unaided. No walker or cane, since January 2019. Just me, hubby and my new brace. I’m still a work in progress and look forward to where the road takes me next. Eight months ago, I didn’t think I would ever feel better or walk unaided. I can’t explain it, maybe the fact that I am choosing to ignore all the ugly signals my spinal nerves send to the rest of my body. I’m still in pain and off-balance and I know that I will fall again in the future. Just know that I will always get back up. Eight months ago I knew nothing about Cauda Equina Syndrome, but CES knew nothing about me and my will and desire.

Have a restful day on this first Monday in September. What ever you are passionate about stay passionate. Keep going…you can do it!

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