Woke up on the 80’s side of the bed this morning. Felt like listening to the music of my angsty, teenage years. Hubby has been on vacation and we have been doing a little sightseeing around the desert as we don’t want to travel to far away from our place because of the heat. There is just so much to see out there. We have also watched a few documentaries this week. I was pleasantly surprised when he took me to see Echo in the Canyons. This documentary went over the California folk rock scene that centered around Laurel Canyon in the 70’s. I loved the stories behind the sound and the songs and the re-imagined songs, albeit, slightly, that Jakob Dylan and the other musicians that were featured in this movie remade. I would have watched for hours if it would have continued for longer than it’s 1 hour and 22 minutes. I highly recommend seeing this if you are a melophile like me. Last night we started watching a documentary on the Los Angeles Heavy Metal scene and so far we have watched the first episode, hence why I had a hairband hankering this morning. The music takes me back to the band room wall and the times I spent there with my friends trying to be unique but all ending up the same. We all had or wanted long, feathered hair, yes, we as boys and girls. We wore studded leather jackets and bandannas. Honestly, I did love the music, well most of it but I was secretly listening to James Brown and Otis Redding and Air Supply (yes!!!) in my knock-off Sony Walkman. Yes, I loved Quiet Riot, Motley Crue and Whitesnake and so many others. I remember wanting to go to so many concerts but my mom would never let me because I was too young for those kind of things. In 1988, one of my best friends in high school bought me a ticket to the 7th Tour of the 7th Tour and he and I along with two other guys from our group at high school, Steve a guy I had known since 7th grade and Lars an exchange student. Let me tell, it was quite a story. I remember that we all piled into Mark’s Toyota pick-up with a cooler full of beer and headed to the Forum in Los Angeles. When we got there we had discovered that Mark left our tickets at home. His and my ticket. We had to go back to Duarte to retrieve the tickets and it was like Mr. Toads Wild Ride. Luckily, this was the 80’s and the traffic although bad for that time was nothing compared to what it is today as my friend Mark had the foot on the pedal. I smoked a lot during high school and stupidly threw a cigarette butt out of the car window. Well, that butt hit a motorcycle cop and we were pulled over just before we were to exit the 405 Fwy. We were let go with a warning because I think Mark showed the guy our tickets. We made it into the Forum after we downed a few beers and such. I remember that I was wasted and Mark had to help me to our seats. I did sober up enough to enjoy and remember the show. It fucking rocked and was so amazing that I remember it after all these years. I just told hubby that I want to see Iron Maiden again. Okay Universe, I put it out there!

Yesterday we woke up early and headed East to Mecca and Thermal, CA as I wanted take the Sony and the Nikon out for a little practice run. Again, I am still liking the action on the Nikon DSLR versus the Sony A7. We pulled off the road to get gas in Chiriaco Summit. I got excited as I saw TANKS!!! Little did we know that there was a tank museum and a General George Patton Memorial Museum.

We got there around 6:30 AM. The museum opens at 9:30 AM.
Not going to lie but The Trouper a song by Iron Maiden was rattling around my head as drove by.

If you are into camping there is a dry-campground to check out. After we left there we headed toward the Salton Sea via Cotton Springs Road. That route is a true gem. If you are into checking out nature and rocks this is just the 20 mile drive for you. To me, it seemed like a mini-Grand Canyon in some parts.

We stopped in this one spot and hubby and I got out and took pictures. I hope to return there to shoot again hope I can find some willing participants!

I snapped a few shots with out hubby in them so I might be able to use later as a background.

We ended up in Mecca, on the north side of the Salton Sea. We checked out the scenery and I snapped more photos around the date farms. Thank you hubby for stopping long enough to let me take the photo of the John Deere! Swoon!

On the drive back home, we drove highway 111. the train tracks run along side for miles. I snapped a few as my higher eye is always roving. However, I have issues with my spine and it makes getting into certain positions uncomfortable. Besides, we are traveling at speed limit and it is just target practice for me. All I know is that I need to stop reading the How to be a better photographer, storyteller, blah blah propaganda and just shoot. I don’t know how real I am but what you get from the other side of the glass is as real as it gets when I am out practicing. These are shots from my event horizon, my higher eye.

Well dear reader, where ever you are, cheers to your good health! Where ever you are going get there…

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