Rewind: January 9, 2019

Good morning! January last year was busy as I mentioned in my 2019 recap. My computer is having issues so I thought I would have a “cheat” day and repost a blog entry from 364 days ago. This was 22 days pre-surgery. It has been a struggle but really I am glad I pushed my…


Good morning to you where ever in the world you are. Hope you have had a relaxing last few days. Hubby played with the Ghosts of Kelso this past Saturday night at the Red barn in Palm Desert, Ca. I always looks forward to gigs at that place. The people that hang out there seem…

Schwingin’ It

It’s 4:52 AM here in the Coachella Valley and there is nothing like the sound of automatic gun fire to punctuate the silence of the dawn. Yeah, about 13 minutes ago 4 or five shots were fired in rapid succession and then a second later, there were two more shots and then back to silence….


Good Monday to you! Listening to the Police’s song So Lonely. The bass line is so good it made me forget about what I was thinking about and I just looked up the lyrics, just love it! I just added the link to a 1979 performance. Sting’s bass is gorgeous and the sound is entrancing….


I just came in from my morning walk.  Have to get moving early here in the desert during the summer months, although summer doesn’t officially start for another week.  Truthfully, the heat feels good.  Anyhow, this morning I took the camera along to take a few photos of this blooming cactus in our complex. This…