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What story would you leave as a lasting photo of YOU?

Thankfully thankful

Hello there, you made it to Thursday and that it something to be thankful for, right? Every once and a while I see a #thankfulthursday post and I think I want to do a list of things I am thankful for one of these days. I have already revised my “bucket List” a few times…

The Pits

Good Sunday morning to you where ever you are on this April 5th in 2020. Most likely, you are sheltering in place and abiding to CDC guidelines. Me, I keep looking for joy, happiness, light and it’s there. Hubby and I have been able to check out so many great musical acts that we may…

Social Pressure

Good morning to you out there on this Friday, March 20th. I am not making any promises about mentioning IT, but the video posted is what I had to look up when I awake to the news that Govenor Newsome is ordering Californian’s to stay home. Per Newsome, “The order is the strongest statewide restriction…

Throwing Fire Into the Water

Unlock the secrets of your destiny the sign read. As it happened, I was lost and looking for the meaning of life. $10 was all it took to tell me my destiny and had that exact amount in my pocket. What could it hurt?