Shots From the Event Horizon

“In astrophysics, an event horizon is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer. John Michell proposed in 1784 that near compact massive objects, gravity would increase to the extent that even light cannot escape”.(according to – Wikipedia)

Welcome to my project: Shots From the Event Horizon. Sometimes, when I have a camera against my eye and I am watching live music I can feel the space that separates me and the subject or subjects I am shooting. At that moment, I am on the skinny end of the telescope and the performers are the proverbial “black hole” as their energy and talent, their performance and stage presence draw people in, almost like a gravitational pull toward all the energy these performers radiate.

Here I will post photos and videos from the various genres of live music that my cameras record and at some point I would like to interview some of the subjects that I have captured. Occasionally, I will get video so that you, the reader, can hear what I have seen.

The below photos are some of my personal favorites from the past two years of sneaking my camera into various venues. Sometimes, I actually get permission and that is the best as I can shoot without having to hide.

To all you that perform, cheers! Thank you for doing what you all do and all your passion for the craft that you have perfected to your own styles and graces. You all inspire and entertain. For me, anyone that performs in front of a live audience is special, whether you are a known around the world or only famous in your small town and I will try my best to capture you and convey your sound silently, with photos and words.

If you, that is reading is local to the Coachella Valley and would like to be featured, send me a message and let’s set something up or email: .

Thank you – Art of the Beat

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