Ride, Sally, Ride

Hello World! How is it going? It’s June 11, 2021 and you have made it to see another day! This week was full of excitement. I fell down the stairs on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, I tagged along with Hubby to watch him play with the Ghosts of Kelso and I even got to dance a little. It was the best and it felt normal, almost like it did before the pandemic. In the video below the guys are covering We’re an American Band by Grand Funk Railroad. Please press play.

The guys are scheduled (for the moment) to play on Wednesdays at Babaloo Lounge in Palm Desert. I mention for the moment as things are subject to change because it is summer time and the temps are high enough sometimes that business feel the burn. However, we have noticed that here in the Coachella Valley, summers are not too much different than season (Mid October through April). When I first moved here, the roads around here were usually empty and traffic was only something you thought about if you were heading West. Lately though, it has been reminding me of Los Angeles and that traffic. Also, summer means, more places close early during the day or close entirely until the temps are cooler.

I tried to limit the number of photos that I took and mainly just shot video. Really, I am trying to mimic a roll of film with its limited number of shots. This way I don’t get lazy in my shooting.

Here is a mash up of a few of the songs that sample of a few more of the songs they played played that night.

The one thing I missed during the pandemic restrictions was people watching and meeting new people while the guys play. That night, I met the nicest gal. She happily wandered into the area where the guys were playing and said, “Today’s my birthday! I’m 70!” She was there with her girlfriends and they that sat at a table close me. A man wandered in and spoke with me about the band and said he wanted to dance. He did get to dance shortly after making that statement as he took the birthday gal for a spin on the floor after the guys sang Happy Birthday. It was magical.

The guys played a few of their songs acoustically and Hubby got to play guitar. He and I both have issues with our joints and well, everyday aches and pains but put a guitar or bass in that mans hands and you would never know it. I know from practicing guitar everyday, that it can be quite a workout. I can’t imagine playing and moving around for 45-60 minutes set just to repeat two or three more times and then have to pack up equipment and go home. I still wonder how all you musicians do it.

The guys will be back at Babaloo’s next Wednesday. If you are local to the Coachella Valley and miss going out to happy hour and enjoying live music and a variety of foods that are perfect for sharing, then do stop in. If Wednesday is not your day, the restaurant offers live music 7 nights a week. Check their website for details. Thank you again to the staff and everyone that stopped in the hang out with the us. By the way, I tried the Gooey Shrimp over sticky rice and I will definitely order it again! Gooey…ummmm.

My goal for this week is to be fall-free. This just means that I need to walk a little slower and pay more attention to my feet, especially when walking down stairs. This last fall was doozy. So far in the last three months, GRAVITY 4 ME 0. This is just me to trying to get through it and my anxieties, you know, everyone has a way of self-soothing. The thing is, I really do have a short attention span. I was walking better because I think that I was feeling stronger since I had been consistently moving and working out everyday. I guess the endorphins not only add the good feelings it also boosted my confidence, like taking the stairs without holding on to the rail and not looking at my feet. The soreness is going away and the bruises are fading. The night the guys played I was in plus 9 pain and my right arm was heavier than usual and throbbing as my arm saved me from falling harder on my tail bone, but I did my best to smile and I even danced one song. I just laughed thinking about when that guy asked me to dance after he got off the floor with the birthday gal. I wasn’t going to do it because of the pain but decided that yes, I would. I think I said, “Sure. it’s your feet!” I didn’t step on his toes. You see, I may never get asked to dance again so anytime I am asked I will probably say “Yes!”

Time to get on with the day before the Coachella Valley sun starts to warm to air. Thank you dear reader for visiting. I hope you dance the next your song comes on, even if you are in the supermarket. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

The Ghost of Kelso are a four piece, classic rock band from the Coachella Valley. You can follow them on IG @ghostsofkelso or on their Facebook page: Ghosts of Kelso

Babaloo is a Cuban and Peruvian Gastro Pub located in Palm Desert, CA

73833 CA-111
Palm Desert, CA 92260

(760) 636-1331

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  1. terrie gura says:

    I want to come dance with you at BaBaLoo!! It’s so fun to be out and about again, and I’m glad you will have a weekly opportunity to do that while your hubby plays! ❤ The birthday gal sure had a fun time.

    I love, love, love the shot with the sunlight kissing Jim's guitar and one side of his face. That is awesome!

    Take it easy on the stairs, will ya? Geez. I get it though, as I have slipped a few times at home myself. I have to hang onto the handrail ever since I got bifocals! Hard to descend steps when everything is in "split screen." Haha


    1. Ha ha ! I take my glasses off my face when I walk down stairs as I have bifocal as well. I have been wearing bifocals for the past 7 years and still have not figured out how to walk and not look through that line :/

      I liked that shot too. Funny, I told Hubby that I love that photo, even though not perfect, is one my favorites of night.

      I wish you could join us one night as I well. One day though, I hope we (and the Hubbies) get to hang out in our local hangouts. I do need a dance partner while hubby plays 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Davis says:

    Good times!!! I have heard that people love good times…celebrate!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I have heard that too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy music makes a big difference. I heard two guitarists singing in a bar a couple weeks ago and it was just a good vibe. I was on vacation and live music was a treat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right about music giving good vibes. That is awesome that you got to enjoy live music on your vacation. We just saw another live band a few days ago and it felt good, like a party.


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