Hello and good day to you, where ever you are at this moment. Today is June 8, 2021and you made it…and that is a great thing! A few posts back, I mentioned that I was going to try and stick to a loose schedule. So far, I have stuck to is, sort of, as there are no dancing videos in the morning for the moment, till I see a cardiologist and have a stress test. Anyhow this morning, I made a mini loaf of French bread and I made breakfast pizzas (flatbread).

My blogging buddy sent me a copy of her pizza dough recipe and it is tasty! Honestly, I made it on Saturday and I had forgotten about it…d’oh! I hate to waste food so I was already baking bread this morning so I scrambled eggs till they were a bit runny, sautéed thinly sliced onion, bell peppers, butter and cracked pepper. I put all that stuff on the mini pizzas (that were slightly cooked before adding the toppings), added white cheddar cheese and baked till the cheese was gooey.

This is my attempt to not eat so much meat and to keep my gallbladder quiet. Not totally meatless, because of the eggs but two points for trying, right?

Lately, I have been having little realizations about my current life. Back when I was a teenager, well, back in 1984 before my life became complicated and I still looked at the world with gullible eyes. I was 14 going on 15 and the only thing I really cared about were my friends and who was going to host the next parents-out-for-the-evening party. I remember thinking back then, that I hope I will still be that carefree, have a place to call my own and a partner that is as carefree as me. I also hoped that I was still hanging out with my school friends, the ones that felt like family at that time. Things happened, that thing called life. Kids, break-ups, deaths, yada yada. I never forgot about how we, my friends and I, would imagine how our lives were going to be when we hit our fifties. We planned on still hanging out. My dream was to live like a Bohemian, candles every where, beads hanging from door frames, a bong in every room and be barefoot and braless and music, lots and lots of music to listen and dance too. Remember, my dreams are definitely not like most peoples. It made me think about this one time, during high school, when my good friend Rose and I were joking around about what we were going to name all the kids we planned on having. I remember laughing till we both cried and our sides hurt. We both were Hispanic girls from Duarte but we said who ever has the first girl – she will be named Maria Monica Patricia Anita Juanita Consuelo Alberta Florencia Smith, or something to that affect. We we were both going to marry men with English last names, well I have an Irish surname now. Anyhow, I had the first girl and she had a first name, a middle name and I gave her my last name. My sons that came 7 years after my daughter were given very strong, English names to go along with the Hispanic surname of their father. One child, my favorite oldest son, has 22 combined letters in his name, which I have never called him, but use his nickname. So, yes, I guess it was a silly dream and all those names. Anyhow, I had a realization the other day, I have them all the time depending on what triggers them. Yesterday I started laughing as I sat in the bedroom looking at our little cabinet hanging on the way with all our stuff inside. It has a string of lights around it and all kinds of random stickers that we get from different collectives. We moved our old living room TV into our bedroom closet, removed the doors, added curtains so that we can draw them back when we want to watch TV. Having it this way makes it easier for me to get around in should I need to use my walking aid and it makes the room seem bigger. It is also more comfortable when I have to spend time in bed oh yeah, we also got one of those bed in box from Amazon two months ago and I can honestly say that I have never slept better and yes, my back pain is not so noticeable (till it is.) Dreams sometimes can and do come true. I dreamed off and on through out the years that Hubby and I would get married, even when I hadn’t spoken to him in years. Yes, actual dreams, when I would try and forget because he was not on my radar. Maybe it is because of own will but I guess I still have a bit of that kid I used to be and am still gullible. with two scoops of cynicism. Anyhow, I had to miss a party this weekend for a high school friend and also a chance to see my sister and cousin. I had to turn both events down because of my health at that moment but once this issue is fixed I hope to continue on in the lovely path Hubby and I have been maneuvering and hope to get together with my old high school friends.

A little update on the two paintings I am working on.

Well, yes, my life is exactly as I imagined, except for the health issues. Back then, I imagined being married with a man that would enjoy the same things as me and that we would lounge together on the couch and watch TV or maybe hang out in the patio around a fire and play guitar and sing. I also imagined not being klutzy and not having foot-drop…Ugh! Or having issues walking and staying upright. Sorry, but I wasn’t following my own rules about looking at my feet when I walk! D’oh! Today is still June 8th, 2021 and on this day at 9:30 AM I slipped going down the stairs. Really, I should have not been holding a cup in my hand as I made the descent but yeah…that happened. Time to cut this short and go hang out in the bedroom.

To you dear reader, may today be accident free and if you should fall may you landing be soft. I’d hug everyone but can’t move my arm to well. Peace!

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  1. Alien Resort says:

    Thumbs up for a Bohemian lifestyle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am loving it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. terrie gura says:

    You slipped on the stairs?? Oh my, please be careful!

    I’m glad your pizza dough turned out OK, and honestly, I have those moments all the time, where I make the dough and something comes up to change my plan. But generally speaking, it will still be good for a few days. The main thing you might notice is that it loses its elasticity as time goes on. The flavor actually gets better with more time, so that’s a bonus! Your breakfast pizzas sound like a great idea, btw!

    I chuckled to read your thoughts on life today. It’s funny how we had such grand ideas what our lives would like, right? Remember when we thought 50 was so freaking OOOOOLD?! What I love about life at this stage is that we can look back at our naive imaginations and see in reality how some of those things did come true. Not necessarily exactly as we had in mind, but maybe better. 🙂


    1. Ys 😦 Right after I had messaged you. Ha ha. I was trying to ignore my pain. I have been grounded and can’t go up stairs for a few days. I guess it is safer that way.

      I totally screwed up your dough I thought I could finagle it, cause I didn’t have the right flour and I thought that I screwed up making the sourdough starter and bottled water or filtered water seems to work best. I will try it again when I am not so sore. The pizzas I had this morning were still good but the texture was tough 😦 It smelled wonderful baking though.

      Oh my, yes, I remember thinking that 30 was OLD! HA HA HA!!! My mind still thinks like I did years ago. Hubby and I laugh about it all the time, like the other day when he looked at our room and said “Loving our first place together” Like we are kids living in our first apartment. I have said that I need to send him to the store to replenish our snack and cereal cupboard.

      Yes, definitely not exactly what I dreamed up but yes, way better 🙂


  3. dunelight says:

    I’d eat that breakfast pizza. It sounds like you have little to no regrets looking back or forwards…maybe that is the true Bohemian spirit…the beads and bongs are not so prominent but the love of life is still strong.


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