Cherry Red

Howdy! How are you this morning? 34 years ago today, I had a very small child, weighing 4 lbs. My how time flies. She and I had a rough beginning. We both even contracted chicken pox a few weeks after she was released from the neo-natal unit. She still has a few pox marks. It is February 27, 2021 and if you celebrate today with her, then happiest birthday to you as well! She now lives with her little family many states away. I am looking forward to traveling to see her, hopefully in the coming year.

Here is a little road music and a song that came out in 1987 by Lou Gramm. He was the lead singer of Foreigner, until he wasn’t. Please, press play…

Here is the official video. I recorded this song played live in Indio, CA in 2018. I would have hooped out of a window to drive off with Mr. Lou Gramm….

Here are the lyrics that caught the attention and heart of a f’d-up teenager. Truthfully, I dreamed and hoped to run off into the Midnight Blue but so glad I stuck around. No wonder I have hearing loss in one my ears as I used to crank the volume up as loud as I could so I could drown out the sound of my own voice singing.

Ain’t got no regrets
And I ain’t losin’ track
Of which way I’m going
Ain’t gonna double back no

Don’t want no misplay
Put on no display
An angel? no!
But I know my way, oh yeah, oh

I used follow
Yeah, that’s true
But my following days are over
Now I just gotta follow through

And I remember what my father said
He said “Son, life is simple”
It’s either cherry red or
Midnight blue, oh, oh
Midnight blue, oh, oh

You were the restless one
And you did not care
That I was the trouble boy
Lookin’ for a double dare

I won’t apologize for
The things I’ve done and said
But when I win your heart
I’m gonna paint it cherry red

I don’t want to talk about it
What you do to me
I can’t live without it

And you might think that
It’s much too soon
For us to go this far
Into the midnight blue, oh, oh
It’s midnight blue, oh, oh

Things could be different
But that’d be a shame, ’cause
I’m the one who could feel the sun
Right in the pouring rain

I won’t say where
And I don’t know when
But soon there’s gonna come a day
I’ll be back again

Yeah, I’ll be back for you
You see, I’m saving up my love

Midnight blue, oh, oh
Into the midnight blue, oh, oh
Another midnight blue, oh, oh
The deepest midnight blue, oh, oh
Into the midnight blue, oh, oh
Midnight blue, oh, oh
Midnight blue, oh, oh
The deepest midnight blue, oh, oh Song Written by Lou Gramm and Bruce Turgon

The pajamas that she is wearing were taken from a one of my nieces dolls as there were no preemie clothing for her and everything was so big on her.
It was all yellow… This photo was taken in 1987. My daughter was around 6 months old and had just returned from working at Kmart. This photo was taken at my sisters house. Looking at those tired eyes, I also carried a full load at school and graduated the following year from Duarte High School.

Our new floor was installed this week. I had gotten a few estimates and Hubby mentioned that Empire Today did the carpeting in our place, many years ago, (when his parents first moved in here) so I am new to this home redecorating as a lay person and not as someone that worked for a minute in construction industry accounting. I got to hear many stories from contractors and customers during my brief foray into that industry. Anyhow, I knew that I did not want to drag out this process. I had a price that I stuck with and was not going over, I knew what flooring color I wanted and the sales lady knocked it out of the park! The guys that installed the floor came from my neck of the woods and as soon as I heard him mention Norwalk and saw their area code, I knew everything was going to be okay. The sales rep had scheduled them for a day and a half and they got it done in under eight hours!! We now have uniformity throughout our first floor and I love it!

I have never owned a home and this step was very exciting for me. I felt like this was an investment into our future and the future of our kids. You never know what the future holds and I am putting this out in the Universe, please, our kids, when the time comes do not fight or feel like anyone of you is more entitled to this property. I know we have to put our wishes on an official form but just in case we don’t get the chance… When you guys are looking for answers and guidance, I hope you find these words. I wish my parents would have made their wishes official and not some word of mouth agreement with one sister that no one can agree on. Anyhow, this place is all of yours. Hope you guys like the changes as the floor is commercial and glued in and a permanent fixture in our lives. Also, I had recessed lighting installed in the kitchen and bathroom by a friends Dad. He was fricking amazing and fast!! He didn’t even turn off our power during the work! Thank you for all the divine help that has come our way! Good things…

Our room is getting comfy! Love my view!

I really am enjoying our fun room. I arranged the desk so that I can look out side. I refuse to call it an office or studio as that implies work and what I am doing is not work. No, that is right, not work cause it is relaxing and fun, something work never was for me. Besides, I get to wake and bake and paint and stuff like that…The couch that hubby ordered arrived and he also started a bass wall! I love it!! I am have been twisting his arm to purchase this stand-up bass we saw for sale (I may have to twist a little harder) as I want to learn to play it but I think it would look cool in our living room! Me and my pipe dreams…

Oh yeah, last thig, Hubby got a new G & L guitar! I have been practicing with it and love it and the natural wood tone.

Time for me to fly (See Reo Speedwagon). To you dear reader, thanks for hanging out and visiting. Hope to see you around these parts again. Where ever your journeys take you this weekend, may you get there safely! Hugs to you and you and You!

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  1. terrie gura says:

    This was sweet! Happy birthday to your daughter, and I know the day has very special meaning for you as well. A child raising a baby, and you followed through very well. I turned my volume way up for Lou Gramm–always have loved that song, too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankbyou Teeie! Yes, I sure was a kid (still feel like I am). We saw Lou a few years ago and he was amazing and still makes me swoon. 🙂


  2. Sarah Davis says:

    Hey, you did good. Congrats mom and grandmom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sarah! I wonder sometimes, but yeah, I think we turned out okay 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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