Good morning world! How are you, really? It’s been almost a year since Covid-19 entered our everyday lives and masks became a normal part of our every day attire. Yesterday, the total number of people that have perished from Covid-19 in the good ol’ USA was approximately 500,000. Remember, there is a room for error and miscalculations, right? I just took a deep breath and thanked God that I am still here and that you, yes you are still here and breathing. I know it sucks being told what to do and who you can hang out with or even the dreaded restrictions that Covid-19 has brought. Maybe these people that are bucking the science and still carrying on like normal have never been disciplined or had to endure being grounded? Just a thought. My Dad only spanked me a few times and it kept me somewhat walking in a straight-ish line. Also, the news coming out of Texas made me worry for others like me with chronic conditions as being cold is painful when you have arthritis or any number of chronic illnesses. The temperatures that those humans had to endure was painful. I used to drive a Honda Elite 80 scooter at 5 AM to get to work and sometimes it was in the upper 40s and I remember my face and lips stinging from the cold wind and breathing that cold air even hurt my lungs. Okay, so I am a bit of a wimp. So, I can’t imagine or better, I don’t want to imagine what Texans went through ’cause I saw reports that the temperature dipped to 9 degrees F and the water situation does sound dire. It was nice to see both red and blue coming together to help Texas. Anyhow, I am happy to see that life is starting to resume, albeit, with the new restrictions and live music is getting closer on the horizon and maybe even live sport here in California. Just a little bit longer people…WE CAN DO THIS!

I know this song has absolutely nothing to do with Covid-19 but here I go singing along to this song “Please take me along as you slide on down…” Please press play…

Maybe there is a condition as I can always find a way to relate a situation to a song or some thing…”Hey nineteen…” oops started singing,

Tomorrow is a big day for us! We are getting new flooring! Woo hoo! It took a few years but now things are starting to come together. Right now, I am sitting in our new music and art room or what ever we are going to call it. To be honest, I am enjoying picking out new things for our place and getting it ready for us. Yes, us. Since my surgery a few years ago, we really don’t leave home much, even to eat out in a restaurant or to visit with friends and family. We always had talked about changing up our place but have refrained as you know, that dude Bill, (you know we all have Bill’s in our lives), ruled our lives as I had not been working and not collecting any money as my disability ran out last August 2019. Hubby, was a saint. Now, I am happy to see him also getting excited about the new changes we are making. We eloped a few years ago, even thought I really wanted to have a wedding but knew we couldn’t afford it. Anyhow, this is where I would happily spend our money. Besides, picking out furniture and new wall colors is just as good, if not better than scanning items to a gift registry. Just my thinking and not knocking people for that right of passage, okay so maybe I am a little green…Oh yeah, back to the remodel, I have been busy painting so I can have a few things to put on our walls as well as print out some of the photos I have taken in the last year.

All the photos I am posting will be coming from my phone as I am having issues with the camera and thought it would be fun. In the last few weeks, I have been crocheting and have made a few beanies, an infinity scarf and a blanket. The animals love the blanket so I guess it theirs as they have claimed “dibs”.

I love orange and that area rug was a nice bright color a few years ago…time for a new one.
Jenny likes to hang out and sleep behind me while we are in the fun room.
This is mellowing on my desk along with the one below as I keep pulling out paints and then start working on other things…
This is two photos taken three years apart. The beach scene was taken last week.

I am still not done with either painting as I have started a few others. Ugh! My brain is really scattered. Sometimes I feel like I do not move in a linear fashion. I am more like an piece of lint that floats in and around our place. I think my next shirt will say something like “Look, shiny, oooh red, ooh glitter….Go Clippers and CHEESE!! Ha ha, no really, although I joke about it, I really am easily distracted. Any-who (whistling), below is an animation that Google Photos created and I posted it to the Art of the Beat IG account. I thought I would share it here so you can see how I work things out.

I started taking photos of the paintings I am working on every time I see any noticeable changes and then Google sent me that animation. I added the last few seconds using Reels and then saving to my phone. I thought it was cool to see how I was progressing.

The last few days have been good. The trip to Santa Barbara was a real treat, even if the photos that I took were lost. All that vacation-y goodness is still lingering. I think we may even stay somewhere over night when our floors are put in. Getting excited for in-room coffee and those hotel continental breakfasts!!! Okay so I am still that 13 year old kid from the SGV that gets excited over EVERYTHING!

Well time to get back to work on stuff. It has been nice being able to communicate with my sister. Unfortunately, we got back into contact because she is in fight right now and in need of healing energy. I wish I could be there to talk to her medical staff and to encourage her. Being in the hospital sucks, but it sucks more when you feel like the world is passing you by. I remember, I spent 6 weeks in a hospital. I remember it was scary leaving there and as soon as I got home, I wanted to go back, really. I knew that if I fell, which I did several times, there would be a strong nurse or orderly to pick me up and at home I wouldn’t have that safety net. It was a struggle adjusting to life on the outside, even as brief as 6 weeks really was. It was hard sticking to the medication schedule and to not want to swallow all my pain meds. I hope my sister will not have to be in the hospital much longer so she can return to her normal life and surrounding. Being chronically ill, I know the importance of having family and friends around and most importantly, pets. Me, I am thinking about my sisters pets, I am sure they are wondering where she is and are worried too.

We took this the first night in Santa Barbara when we were watching a group of surfers.

Thank you, dear reader, for the visit. May kindness and joy shower down upon you like the sun. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!


Oh, I usually refer back to the title, almost like a puzzle in most of my blog posts. This time I didn’t, I just did it because of the song and then I started thinking about the number and then the age and boy, my nineteenth year was a doozy and I grew up so much, I got that scooter and that job as I mentioned above. I even got my first “real” 9-5 job at an eyeglass manufacturer. So, hey, 19, yes, a good number and memory in my story…

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