Good morning out there! It’s February 17, 2021 and our wedding anniversary. It’s been four years since we exchanged vows in Laughlin, NV. We eloped and quite honestly, almost didn’t get married on this day. However, after a few strained hours, we did it in front of the Regency Casino in Laughlin, NV.

Hubby and I have covered many miles in the last four years. We had our first dated on March 18, 2000. I know this because my best friend from high school got married that day. I had met Hubby through an on-line dating site (Love@AOL) as I had been searching for a date to take to that event. Anyhow, I went to the wedding and left early as I was feeling uncomfortably alone and drove to the South Bay to meet Hubby. It has been a long twenty or so years since that date and so much has happened in our story. Somehow, I knew, even after, we broke up the first time 20 years ago that he was the one. However, I never chased him or anything. I let nature take it’s course and jeepers it took it’s sweet time! Oh yeah, good things, take time as we have both matured and are better to handle the normal struggles that could break a relationship. I am not saying that we have the perfect life, ’cause nothing is perfect. We have exactly what we put into it. You know, that saying about relationships taking work, well, it is true. It takes equal work and tons of love and laughter and some times angry words, a few thousand “ooops! Did I do that?!” and sprinkle it with a few tears and an occasional “I am sorry.” and that is what we have,

The day we got married, we had to search for some one to marry us and we found the coolest couple. Our officiant brought along his partner and she stood in as a witness and photographer as she saw me trying to snap selfies before we exchanged vows. Thank goodness for her and all the photos she took that day.

I took this one…
I was trying not to sob. I wanted my kids to be there…

When it came time to say our vows and add a few of our own words, I froze as I was trying not to tear up. Hubby said some very thoughtful vows as I remember. We weren’t going to get married, it was kind of last minute. I had needed insurance as I had just lost my job and my ability to drive because of seizures. He proposed officially on February 13 but we couldn’t say anything till we told our children. It was two weeks before we announced that we were married. Looking at our wedding clothes makes me chuckle. The dress was bought at Old Navy a year earlier. I had found it on a clearance rack and it had a broken zipper. I remember grabbing the blue dress shirt that Hubby is wearing just in case we went out somewhere fancy…

the nice lady at the Laughlin Courthouse snapped this while we were filling out forms for the marriage license.

This year for our anniversary trip we took a super short trip to Santa Barbara. We arrived at our destination, The Mason Beach Inn just before check in. It was such a lovely place and the rooms were spacious and inviting. I loved the robes, oh and the bed was just right, I could have lounged in there and watch TV all day! What a treat. Maybe it was because we have not stayed any where over night since last year and before the pandemic so I was like a kid going to an amusement park. We did walk around the pier so I could take a few quick photos as the sun was descending on that night we checked in.

I had grabbed my Nikon as the Sony had a low battery. I figured we were going to be out exploring in the morning. The Nikon had an old card in it and it ran out of memory. Ugh! The next day we lounged in our room till check out time. Looking forward to going back to the area to spend more than 24 hours. The whole place seemed so laid back. We even stopped at the Farmacy Dispensary in SB so we could pick up Glasshouse Farms Special Reserve which I had been seeing them advertise but our dispensaries in the desert do not carry it…Sad face. The strain we picked up was worth the trip!!! I was hoping to buy some souvenirs with the Glasshouse logo but no luck. After we left there, we headed to the Santa Barbara Mission. I took many photos while there and some video. When we returned home last night, I eagerly popped the SD card into my laptop and guess what? I got to see the thumbnails of the photos that I had taken and then when I clicked to enlarge one, a message popped up that the image was damaged. Well, the whole two days of photos are no more. I do still have some of the video but that card is corrupt. Anyhow, I was sad for bit last night and then turned to Hubby and said, “Well, this just means that we gotta go back!” I am sure we will in the future.

I didn’t shed one tear over those lost photos. I did curse at the Sony, that piece of doody!!! I have the perfect captures in my heart and brain. However, I just finished watching last nights episode of This Is Us, and I have been a blubbering idiot for the last half-hour. Breath in….breath out… Really though, great episode and so timely for me. My daughter who will be 35 in a few weeks was almost placed for adoption. Remember, I have mentioned that I was an unwed 16 year old mother. My Mom wanted me to get rid of the baby at any cost. Her first two attempts were unsuccessful…Anyhow, because she was early, I had not started to meet with prospective parents or even prepare myself for anything. It hit me that I didn’t get to hold my daughter till almost three days after the birth. I had a rough birth and was heavily sedated during that time and also because my chart noted that I was placing her for adoption. Anyhow, I won’t spoil the This is Us story for people that I have not seen last nights episode, but I am still happy with the decision I had made even though the road my daughter and I traveled was rough at times. Tearing up right now just thinking about it…Oh my look at the time…

To you dear reader, where ever you are, thank you for stopping by during our day of celebration. May each of you have a lovely day filled with peace and joy. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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  1. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!

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  2. terrie gura says:

    Sweet story! I love the “nerds” photo! hahaha
    And the dress off the clearance rack, I can relate because I ordered my “wedding” dress online from TJMaxx! We’ve been married four years this April, and a similar story of struggle, but that’s what real love is about. Very happy you found each other. Happy anniversary!

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  3. Thank goodness for clearance racks! HA HA! I love TJ Maxx as well as Ross and Marshalls, my closets have may treasures from those stores. Wow, congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Yes, real love is not always as easy as all the fairytales portray.

    Cheers to both of us finding our “other” and blessings for many more anniversaries 🙂


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