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Hello and happy Sunday! You made it to February 14, 2021. It’s been busy around here, that is for sure. Hubby has given me the fabulous gift of space! I love my new work area, and it is probably one of the best gifts ever next to becoming my hubby! Also, I like looking over and seeing him getting his space the way he likes in our new studio. (Just smiled showing all my teeth.) The animals sure love it as my desk is right next to the balcony door and I can watch Jenny our pug sitting in the sun. Again, good things take time and I would gladly wait again for times like these.

The sweetest treat to share.
I hear he is from San Diego…

Since it is that day of hearts and flowers here is a little song to get that heart skip to a happy beat performed by Jason Mraz.

We did spend a few days out this past week exploring. Wednesday we headed back toward the Salton Sea and checked out Slab City and Salvation Mountain and headed West toward Los Angeles and Santa Monica on Thursday.

A few of the signs in Slab City.
That traitor is still guilty in my eyes….

We traveled around Salton Sea the day that we visited Slab City and Salvation Mountain. The trip was about 120 miles and roughly a few hours. I was truly fascinated by all the signs in this end of the world spot.

The next stop was Salvation Mountain which was just near Slab City. The place was full of visitors taking photos and looking quizzically at all the writing and bible passages. The colorful mountain that is topped with a cross draws people in, almost trance like. We have been there several times and I can always spot something new.

Yes, I have to agree with that sign…

I am sure we will check out Salvation Mountain again in the future as exploring the Salton Sea is something we do often. On Thursday, we headed West. It was nice to stop and visit with my sons for a bit. The area that they live in was my home for around 10 or so years. We lived in San Gabriel and Alhambra. I sighed as we passed a house that we used to live in. It was just near the entrance to the freeway. I took advantage of the heavy traffic and snapped a few photos along the way.

The only skyline that makes my heart flutter and pang for home.

Hubby took me to a spot in Santa Monica that he used to hang out at when he lived there in his teen years. It was such a nice day. The water was chilly but I happily waded in the salt water. It was the best.

Hubby told me some of those back in the days times spent near this tower.

A funny thing happened just as we were leaving. Hubby realized that he does not have our keys! Me, I started calling dealers looking for a place that could make a new key. I found one in Culver City and they quoted me a price of $395….yikes! Hubby told me to find a place to sit as he was going to find them. We had called Auto Club, as he had not had any luck in the three times and 30 minutes that he searched. Anyhow, he went back to the sand after AAA was called and said, “Call me if they arrive.” The pick below I snapped as I noticed the pep in his step and knew that he had found them!

I know he will never give up on me as I will never give up on him! This is just one example…

Situation averted and we were back on our way and headed East, back to the Coachella Valley with another one of those funny (not funny) stories. On the way through Los Angeles, I longingly looked out the window remembering all the good times and some of the bad times I had there when I was a resident.

It was such a lovely week. In a few days, Hubby and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. I love all the roads that I have been down and all the new experiences that we have shared together. It was all I wished and hoped for through the years. Good things do take time and this is just another example in my life.

Thank you, dear reader for coming on this journey with me and hubby. May your day be filled with love and adventure. Hugs to you and you and YOU!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. I enjoyed the trip

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why does it think I’m anonymous? Doesn’t it know I’m the son you left in a mall years ago that now lurks on your blog?


    1. Oh no geez! I have left a few sons in various places…
      Really, I know who this is now but it says your screen name is Someone…


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