Deep Fried

Good morning WORLD! It is January 5, 2020 and you made it! That really is something to celebrate. Today the state of Georgia has a very important event, the run-offs. I am going to refrain from thinking about what the outcome is versus what I am going to keep on doing with my life. I have mentioned several times before that I am not a supporter of the current regime in office of this great land. You know that is my personal opinion and I am sure different from many of the citizens that call the USA home. However, I will add that I pray for peace regardless of what happens and that both Houses drop the bullshit and dramatics. People are dying and not just of Covid. This is where our focus should be, not on presenting facts vs. fiction, as that press conference in Georgia did so very well yesterday. Me, as an ex-accounting professional, beamed with pride at the presentation that Gabriel Sterling presented. I am sure many accounting clerks that have been subject to hours of investigating and working on Excel spreadsheets thinking that “This shit sucks! and the That’s not in my job description!” are also beaming with pride. Sometimes, I used to think that all the times this one controller used to scream “Due diligence!” as she angrily handed back reports and would also say, “You must present the facts!” Yes, I was that grunt and I hated having to go back and print out copies of invoices, receipts, emails or what ever evidence was used to create a graph or report, but I did it. She only had to be bossy a few times and then I always turned in everything the way she wanted, with all the facts. You know, numbers really do not lie and most certainly, taped conversations…By the way, to anyone looking for a great documentary, check out the CNN Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President. I had no idea that this gentle man, from Plains, Georgia was friends with Willie, Greg & Dillon. I was too young to really want to know about this great man but it is never to late to learn new things right? Here is a little musical break, press play…

If you give me weed, whites and wine and you show me a sign….I add songs to the beginning of post to use as background music…By the way, LOVE this video and how raw it is. Just gives me shivers.

Okay, so enough of that for now, just wanted to include in my diary as it is another part of history. Lately, I have been resting a little more than usual but still manage to work on at least one thing to keep my mind fluid. A few days ago, Hubby brought home a bag of mini bell peppers. The colors are quite lively.

Baby Bells! I plan on using some of these photos to decorate my kitchen.

Lately, I have been in a creative rut, this is probably because Winter Pain makes it easy to stay in bed and on the couch with a blankey, but I still try and create or practice guitar, even for a few minutes. When I saw those peppers, I started looking up recipes on Google. Then I thought, no recipe needed, I can make mini stuffed bell peppers. To any one that really know me, I love appetizers! So, anything that I can make small so that I can try out other flavors makes my tummy rumble with happiness.

My chili hearts!

Hubby does all the shopping. I haven’t shopped for groceries that was not online, in over a year, probably longer as he had been doing all the shopping since my surgery in January 2019. I make many lists for groceries and sometimes he will bring things that I did not request or maybe got the wrong thing as my handwriting sucks. Thinking about the masa harina vs corn meal mix-up. Sometimes, I really do have to channel Chopped! to use some of the things he brings home.

I think of appetizers as party food and food that is shared over drinks and talk of good times. Also, appetizers means Happy Hour, at least to me. You remember those, I am thinking about Babes BBQ in Rancho Mirage and their awesome happy hour. I miss going in there and sharing a fresh Pool Side Blonde and then ordering different appetizers to share. Ooops, you just learned another fact about me, I have a serious BBQ addiction. Don’t get me started about sauces and smoky flavors…but yeah, I even loved cooking appetizers in that kitchen in Monrovia, CA although if I never, ever, EVER cook another hot wing in Franks Red Hot, that is okay by me!

So, they are not exactly the traditional stuffed peppers as they were not baked. I did try baking a few and the crust did not stay on or maybe I can try just baking without a coating? I am trying to put together a recipe book for my kids and trying to include some new recipes as well as the old favorites like sticky chicken and stuffed mushroom oh yeah and homemade chips and salsa. Also, I will have to include my brownie recipe. I still have half a bag of peppers and may make a red pepper sauce or since it is cold, a nice creamy roasted pepper soup or bisque might be next on the agenda.

Wow, the new years is swiftly moving by! We are already 5 days into 2021. Thank you, dear reader, for taking a moment to visit! Where ever you and what ever you are going through, I pray you make it, remember, I am cheering for you. Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

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