Bombs Away

How-dee! It’s Thursday December 3, 2020. Always wanted to say that like Minnie Pearl. Who dat? She is a comedienne who appeared at the Grand Ole Opry from 1940-1991. Not sure why I am thinking of her this morning but I wasn’t going to write in my very public diary, but I started working on a Christmas list of songs. You never know what can inspire you, right? Well, a song came up that brought out a big memory from Christmas past. The song is Children Go Where I Send Thee. I looked it up to see who wrote it, but only found that it was an African-American spiritual song known as the Holy Baby and Born in Bethlehem (credit Wikipedia) This song has been covered by many famous singers, one that I can think of is Natalie Merchant accompanied by Ray Charles. It is breathtakingly beautiful and one can’t help but stand and sway along to the cadence of the song and it’s energy. Please press play…

The bass lines are deep AF just like my deep ass voice and growls….

Anyhow, this song was also covered by me during karaoke during Christmas time. I also used to try out the Eagles Christmas classic – Come Home For Christmas but tried not to, well if I could remember to not drink so much… This song has probably been sung on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry hundreds of times, not exaggerating. What would be on your Christmas song list? I have had to work retail a time or two during my lifetime and had to endure the endless loops of canned Christmas tunes that made me want to never wanna fa-la-la-la or any of that good cheer stuff ever! Think of now during pandemic times, now these essential workers get to hear all the Christmas cheer along with the PSAs about staying 6 feet apart and wearing masks and then having to put out proverbial fires because people still do not want to believe but Santa they surely have room for that type of fiction. Sorry, I guess I still have angst from being an ex-work of rhymes with All-Fart and Big-k back in the day…Anyhow, to any corporate leaders, be kind out there to your employees, they are keeping your place running as you could not do it on your own. Throw some funny songs in the mix, give them a smile, it’s free (free hand sanitizer, PPE, lunches, grace and candy, lots and lots of free candy goes a long way…)

I guess I really have nothing to complain about but really, my kids are out there working and I can’t protect them but I can educate them, but only if they choose to absorb the bits of info I drop on them every now and then. You know I try not to drop to many knowledge bombs on their heads as then it becomes overkill. I wrote a poem that I had wanted to turn into a song but by the time I figure out how to work the guitar it may not be relevant and Arthur Itis may never leave my temple making it hard to strum. Maybe you out there in La-La land has an idea about the music and we can collaborate. I have run this song idea by Hubby and it was not his thang…one day, maybe it will be, until then…here is a sample of my words

In this uncertain world

Who are the enemies?

What are we fighting for?

Aren’t we all the same?

Don’t we all bleed

Don’t we all feel pain?

Your world so dark

With one hand over your eyes

And one hand pointed at your brother.

What are you fighting for?

The pain feels the same

In this time of revolution

Let us march for change

May bombs of knowledge

Drop from the sky

To wipe away this ignorance and hate

Science is the answer

Truth is the power

Love will light the way.

Nothing is ever going to change

When one life doesn’t mean the same

Who are you? —–

Friend or foe

through Smiling eyes,

and hidden lips

But aren’t we all the same?

(In this uncertain world)

Who are the enemies?

(What are we fighting for?)

Aren’t we all the same?

(don’t) We all still bleed.

I Know it  (all) seems so dark

With one hand over your eyes

And one hand pointing at your brother.

Nothing if ever going to change

When one life doesn’t mean the same as another’s

The pain all feels the same

In this time of revolution

Let us march for change

Raise our voices

Drop bombs of knowledge

To wipe away the ignorance and hate

Science is the answer

Truth is the power

Love will light the way.

What are we waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Original work by Bombs of Knowledge by Michelle Lee Keena Written October 11, 2020

I can hear this starting off slow and then getting a little punky and happy, but that is just me. It could go country, it could go spoken word depending on the cadence…I dunno. What say you? I am sure it needs to be thinned down and such but that is what you do during a hash sesh. I miss those…

Oh oh oh….Sing it Chaka I am every woman….I am every woman…Press play…

Yes, you are everything! She is exquisite and a true DIVA! SING IT!!!!

Anyhow, it is Thursday and really, it means nothing in my world as all the days lately just run together like a joke that never gets to the punch line but you wait for it anyway. A few days ago, I took advantage of the light and the fact that the bougainvillea’s are overgrown on our fence. It was a perfect backdrop to take a few shot of Jenny. She did need a few updated photos as she has a big birthday coming up. She will be 56 in dog years! That is 8 years old to us humans.

She came into our lives early in 2013. I had just received my income tax refund and like most people, it was burning a hole in my pocket. I had so wanted a pug and I had found a breeder who had listed three pugs for sale and showed their photos. I remember agreeing on a price and driving out to meet the breeder on evening and withdrawing said amount.

She weighs about 23 lbs and has been called a double coat.

When my sons and I arrived at the appointed place the guy gave me a sheepish look. He indicated that the puppy I had my heart set on had been sold and that the only puppy he had left was Jenny. She was the runt and no one wanted her. He kind of pulled a fast one on me. He mentioned that he would take a considerable amount less and if I didn’t take her she may be euthanized as she was not desired because she was not show worthy. I cried a little, really. She was tiny and her head was huge and misshapen. I gladly handed over less money and took her.

The following day, she had a check-up and the vet said that she was healthy, just small and to treat her normally and hopefully, she would learn to walk correctly. Well, she grew and grew and chased after the boys and the cats and now takes care of all of us. I have made her promise to never die, at least before me.

Thank you dear reader for the visit! May all the music you hear today bring you good cheer and happy memories and if you feel like dancing, do it! Peace and happiness and hugs.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Davis says:

    Runts & rejects are the best. I’ve guess I am the island of rejected dogs.
    If I dared to Karaoke in public I would go with Blue Christmas though Santa Claus is Coming to Town often repeats in my head.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Yes! Misfits, like me, make some of the best and most loyal pets and friends. It took me years and lots of liquid courage to sing but it is so theraputic. Karoake is the epitopme of letting go and not caring. I love that tune, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, reminds me of being in school.

      Cheers and have a lovely day!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. How sweet that Jenny came into your life and has given you 8 years of unconditional love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are glad she found us too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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