Mixed Tapes

Greetings earthlings! How goes it? Really? How are you, yes, you out there alone and by yourself and thinking no one cares. It’s December 2, 2020 and you made it! A few months ago, I offered my email address artofthebeat@outlook.com to anyone that wanted to reach out if they had a question or just wanted to say hello and needed to not feel so alone. Thank you to the brave few that have reached out! The offer still stands, I still am not in a place that I can afford to help anyone with money (and probably never will be) but I can point you in the right direction for resources like for shelter and food and to those with questions about employee issues, especially payroll issues. Now more than ever young workers and even some not so young worker are getting taken advantage of during a time when they are putting their lives on the line by going to work to provide for their families. Anyhow, it is Wednesday and it’s hump day! Ha ha! Made me laugh!!! Makes me wanna do the Humpty Dance but then Spotify must be pycho, I mean psychic as Robi Robb’s Boriqua Anthem just loaded and my cheap DNA test I took indicated that I have a little Afro-Cuban blood so I gotta shake it this morning…press play…

I learned a little Spanish from this song, poquito. A long time ago on a far away place a guy made a mix CD for me and this song was on it…I didn’t realize it till a few years later but he had a thing for me…I was such a dork.

A few days ago I saw a post that my friend, Yes, I can call him friend, posted. I stopped because I saw the name Hozier. I thought for a moment and started humming the tune Take Me To Church. I won’t post the video. I really loved the song, I had heard it on Pandora as it came up as a song suggestion way back when and I went out and overzealously bought the CD. I tried my hardest to listen to the CD as I was in my car way too much as I was frequently driving between Echo Park, Culver City and Palm Desert and mostly on the same day most days. Thinking about it, that 1998 Toyota Rav4 kicked major ass and is/was my favorite car. So, I just couldn’t like that CD, I even took it for a test spin a few years after I got it and still no. Anyhow, I was hoping to send it on to someone that would enjoy it but I have been searching for the last two days and cannot locate that prized CD case! It has some of my prized and road worn CDs in it. Well, it was not in the three places it should have been, I looked several times. That fat, little square, dirty black case with the broken zipper. It has the other Miranda CD in it, the one with that song I sung on repeat with tears rolling down my cheeks and waving my arm out of the window, It has the mix CDs that I made from all those hours I spent downloading from those sharing websites, you ‘memba. It has James Browns Greatest Hits and a few Van Morrison CDs and Tigerlilly and a few others that I am sure were on my frequent play list. Hmm, I am sure DMB and Bare Naked Ladies had a spot in the CD jackets. To my new friend, I have sent a different CD in its place until I find it, hope you like it! It will be put in the mail today!

Hubby’s CDs and mine have blended in this case. This is one of my cases.
These are just some random CDs I have picked up over the years, Okay so there is one movie up there and I have seen it over 200 hundred times, yes, really!!!

I played the two mix CDs, one of them was a CD that I made with my sons. I remember letting them pick out a few songs to include. I need to make them a copy of the CD as it made me laugh. On it is Foo Fighters, Weezer, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and I think it may be the Addicks or the Misfits. Oh the memories that attach themselves to music.

So what do they call “mix tapes” these days?

Hmm maybe one of my next posts will have to be one of those sappy “What is the Soundtrack of my life?” I would really have to think about that one as there are so many songs that could tell my story thank goodness for all those many talented songwriters and musicians with their artistry.

Anyhow, while I was on my soapbox earlier I wanted to mention that to be sure to verify the rules concerning HERO pay and what qualifies as full time pay versus part-time pay, if your company covers you during time off for Covid protocols. I know that many workers are getting shocked after having to quarantine for 10 days and thinking they will be getting their usual and customary pay because they are usually and customarily scheduled full time hours to then be paid a prorated part-time pay rate because that is what their job classification is.

PRO-RATED : divided, distributed, or assessed proportionately (as to reflect an amount of time that is less than the full amount included in an initial arrangement) The catch is that the Dolphins can get back the prorated portion of the $5 million if Madison defaults on the contract.-This means that if you were hired as a part-time worker and only contracted to work 24 hours, your company is only obligated to pay you up to 24 hours at your usual and customary pay regardless if you have been working 40 hours per week for the past month(s) including overtime.—

I know that I worked as a courtesy clerk here in the desert for a year and you have to work 1000 hours before you can even qualify for benefits and you have to work so many hours at full-time to then become full-time status at the job I worked. Full time status is rare these days. What happens is most people will get scheduled just under the amount to keep the employee from ever reaching that status. So, sometimes employees that mostly work “full time” hours have to take time off for this covid crap and then they get a check for less then if they would have requested their vacation/or sick (personal) time. Me, I am just glad we do not live in one of those open and carry states…You see, I worked payroll in a few jobs and took it very serious, like my life depended on it because I knew that some Mom or Dad had people depending on them to bring home the bacon and that everyone worked just as hard as I did for their paycheck and I was not going to fuck with it no matter who told me to bend a rule. I may have even lost a job because I would not go along with an owner over paychecks. People can get desperate when they can’t feed their family, as I have been on the other end of the phone or pointed finger on payday when a check was not processed correctly. There were times that I had to drive 30 miles to get something corrected. Trust me, if you are not getting paid correctly, 99.9 percent of the time you are going to get an excuse. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. That is the lesson of the day. It is hard to not feel the weight of the world as I have lived paycheck to paycheck. I have been trying to not listen to the news and tune everything out but still it gets through. Anyhow, hope this helps one person.

Thank you dear reader for the visit! May your day be full of happy surprises, I hope that special person smiles at you today and hope you smile back! Hugs to you and you and especially YOU!

I re-edited this on 12/2/2020 to add the pro-rated definition. The more you know…

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  1. I’m honored you consider me a friend Michelle, and look forward to receiving the CD!

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    1. IT still has not made it into the mail, sorry but will, I do not trust Hubby to place it in the mail. 🙂 Yes, I do consider you a friend. I won’t tell you who it is but I think you will like it and I hope you do not have it. Cheers.

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    2. It finally got put in the trusting hands of our carrier yesterday. Let me know if you do not receive it 🙂

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