Bad Mother Breakfast

Hi there to you over there, yeah you over there by yourself. I get it, the holidays are upon us. In two more days people will be gathering with family, defiantly and some in protest. I think it is funny. I was an expert at getting out of going to family gatherings, well, that’s just me. Also, I used to end up in the living room watching football with the other people that didn’t want to be there either. I feel a bit sorry for some people you know the town criers, the doom say-ers and the negative Nellie’s. Trust me, you will be okay to skip one holiday. Listen, really, any day can be a holiday! When this pandemic is under control, I hope I am well enough to put together a family dinner to end all family dinners and invite the kids. We may have to put up a fake Christmas tree, carve a pumpkin and roast a turkey. Truth is, I have not worked in almost two years and we were lucky to get that extra bit from the government. I know times are tough for many and this respite, you know, Thanksgiving restrictions is just what some poor mother needs. You know the one that has been working two jobs and was going to have to drive for hours with hungry kids, to have a meal that will be rushed and really not enjoyed, but because of traditions you you know…Sorry about that, anyhow, if they can’t come the next time I invite them, that is their choice, as I gave birth to them and they owe me nothing, well, they do owe me this, to try their hardest everyday and to wear clean underwear. (You never know when you can be in an accident or get lucky on a date…just saying).

Here is a little listening music for the post. I used to sing this to the kids…please press play

If I had a million dollars …I’d buy your love….I’d be rich 🙂

I talked with my sons and daughter last week. My middle son, surprised me as he called to tell me he would not be coming out or going anywhere, because of the pandemic. He wanted to make sure I was not upset, as I was upset during our previous phone call. I had asked if they could come out here a few weeks earlier and he said their aunt had already made plans for them. Yeah, I was sad, but glad that they have aunts to visit. Anyhow, during a call with my daughter, she mentioned, “Bad Mother Breakfast”. I started cracking up as it flooded my head with memories. We didn’t have much when the kids were little. My cupboards were filled with plain wrap every thing and dented cans with those ripped labels. Anyhow, sometimes when I was too tired and we may have been to a party or had a gathering at our house, I would declare in the morning, “Bad mother Breakfast!!!” This meant that the kids were allowed to eat what ever their hearts desired. That could have been birthday cake, ice cream, pop, what ever they wanted. Funny thing is, they would always ask for cereal or tradition breakfast goods like eggs and bacon during one those days and I would gladly make them breakfast for dinner. It warmed my heart so that my 34 year old daughter remembered that and not in a bad way. I hope my grandkids will get to enjoy a BMB every now and then.

I got those wrappers to make candles…

Yesterday, I cut up a pineapple and was going to freeze it, like I usually do to use in smoothies later. However, my stomach had a hankering for pineapple upside down cake. I looked up a few recipes before I converted one and tinkered with it a bit. The night before, I had cooked down a cup of chopped pineapple to make a jam to use as my topping.

The cake came out a little dry with this first batch so I will have to find another recipe. However, it satisifies that craving that I had perfectly and I don’t have to worry about eating a whole cake.

Hubby had brought me gifts home yesterday from the market. Squeeze tubes of ginger and lemon grass! We had vegetables that I need to use before they became rabbit and turtle food. I thought, “Soup!”

Yes, that is all going to be a yummy gingery soup!

I miss living in Los Angeles, just down the street from the Bangkok Market on Sunset. I loved going there for fresh vegetables and fruits as they had lemon grass in stalks and lime leaves. Fresh fish and all the different fish sauces and Hoisin sauces that make my mouth water. Here in the desert, it is hard to find a market like that one. I didn’t look up a recipe. I just made a simple broth by adding a half cup water to a soup pan and heating it till it boiled. Then I added the shrimp, tail and all. The tail gives the flavor. Then I added all the chopped veggies and seasonings. The garlic, ginger, lemon grass. I didn’t have lime leaves so I added lemon leaves and chili peppers from yesterdays pizza.

It was breakfast time and I added an egg to the boiling soup.

Not sure what to call my creation but it reminds me of a cross between a Thai soup and a Vietnamese soup as I added basil. Wish I would have a had bean sprouts…Dang. Yeah, you see, things are things and dinner can be eaten for breakfast just as breakfast can be eaten for dinner. Christmas really can be celebrated in July, just a thought.

To you, dear reader, thank you for visiting. Where ever you are may you tummy be happy and full. Hugs to you and you and YOU!One last thing, life is no finite, choose your battles wisely. Peace.

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  1. Alien Resort says:

    Pizza and/or ice cream make a good breakfast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Both cold and together 🙂 Yum!


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