Eat At Dan’s Go Big Eddie

Hey ya’ll, how goes it? It is Thursday November 19, 2020 and again, you have made it! Yesterday I posted about the numbers but made a 10,000 person mistake. 250K have perished due to Covid and it’s complications. Maybe I tried to lower that number in my head but still those numbers do not lie. They tell a tragic story for many families. I’ve begun to not look at Facebook as I had paused many people on the other side of my political fence, well mainly the ones that re-post bullshit without doing any research like a lazy a co-worker who skates by on others work but is quick to point out the bad in everyone. Stop being fooled by the pretty colors and fancy wording. Now I am seeing posts from people that I personally know, about their sick family and friends as Covid-19 is really starting to intimately touch everyone’s lives no matter if you are a believer or non-believer, democrat or republican. Hubby went back to work today and it scares me. Even though he did not have IT, he had the flu or something and it was scary. I spent one night sleeping upstairs when he first started spiking a fever as we were not sure if he was positive. By the second night, I couldn’t stay away and continued in our usual married life routines, albeit, with Hubby resting and recuperating. Me, I took the flu shot when it was available last February and will be rolling up my sleeve to get one for the coming flu season to keep protecting myself and others that may come in contact with me. Trust me, I hate needles and have a time or two experienced the effects of past flu shots but they do work just like social distancing and wearing a mask and most importantly hand washing. I was around Hubby pretty much the entire duration of his illness and I was able to stay free of viruses and their effects because I followed the basics, which is handwashing and the can Lysol helped as well….Even though our government cannot agree to vital issues affecting all Americans, there is enough information to help yourself. It has been 10 months since Covid-19 entered our lives and really, working together no matter your side, can get the country back to work and normal activities. Well, normalish I guess. Now for the climb down from my soap box.

Here is a little update on another one of the things I have been working on and that is playing guitar. Well, it has been fun learning but jeepers it really does take lots and lots of practice to be good and lots and lots of other things like heart, desire and perseverance to be considered the best. Every day, even when I am in plus 8 pain, I pick up the guitar and try and tune my ear into the sound of an open A or a G or whatever I am practicing that day. Hubby, well I thought for a bit, was not helping me in my quest to learn but really he has been instrumental in getting the want to learn and not give up. He often will be around while I am tuned into a Youtube tutorial and will throw in his 2 cents and it really has helped that he let me fumble along. Now I “gots to learn how to sang!” Ha ha! Here is a sample, please I am warning you, do not turn the volume up and step away from your pets as you do not want to scare them! Here is a little clip of me practicing for posterity. Oh by the way I cuss a lil bit 🙂

Such great advice in this song, really!

I have always loved this song and actually the whole album, Made of Bricks by Kate Nash. I have covered her song Birds in karaoke once but really it is karaoke and people will be nice even when you are not vocally inclined. I could tell how off key I was so I never attempted that song again. My range is more Chrissy Hind and Natalie Merchant. Not saying that I sung those better but I don’t have to strain or feel that uncomfortableness in my throat while I am pushing air through my vocal chords. Once in the late 90’s I tried out for church choir and went to two sessions before the choir director told me that they just didn’t have a part for me. It was the lowest feeling, really. I remember when she asked what I sang and I said I was not sure, never took choir or music. I could tell she was not thrilled. Anyhow, she politely after the second class pulled me aside and said, “We don’t have a part for you and you need to be able to read music….”That was the last I heard and I never sang in that church or any church, even during service, again. However, karaoke and singing with Jim McCuen during my bar shifts at the Mayan Room helped me break out of that shell. I guess I was put off by that choir director as I remember hearing, possibly during church, that singing during service is like praying twice so I had to get over that feeling that God did want to hear my voice, as it was just the opinion of that lady that I was not capable. She never gave me a chance. How unChristian is that? Sorry, just a little edgy with some of the topics in the news lately…

Here is the actual song sung and performed live by the one and only Kate Nash! I love every version of this song that I saw on Youtube but this one just gets me. Her lyrics are some of the best to belt out when you are having a bad day or are out with the gals, you know just pissin’ around. Take this song for a little test drive. Please, press play…

I frigging loooove those pants!!!

So, like I was saying Hubby will throw in his 2 cents while I am practicing. A few weeks ago he said something like, “Finger on the A or E string…” I think. Then I think I said, “Huh?” Anyhow, he said learning what each string is will make the process so much easier. Then he started pointing at each string. and saying what they were: E A D G B E. My head went to Eat at dans, go big eddie! You see I needed all the help I could get when I was a student and that was using mnemonics. Eat At Dans Go Big Eddie. I now know the first string, nearest to my shoulder is an E and that the last string is an E. I also I need visuals for my mind… He was right, it has been helping so much. Playing guitar, well actually, just playing one song well, is on my bucket list so with time and lots of practice, I will be marking that one off my list. So can I get an “Oooh Yeah!”

Before I get on with things this morning. Here are a few more photos from the past week. Glad it turned out to be nothing and we could breath easy, at least for the moment. Until this virus is under control no one a can really breath easy.

I like shadows and was walking around him trying to get the best angle and light for the shot.

Hubby is a trouper, I knew he was still feeling the effects of the flu but he still took me out for a drive even though I was totally fine with staying home.

I love this shot even through the dirty windshield.
I always get photos of the roads we take as we may never travel down them again. Nothing in life is promised.
I have a fixation with farm equipment and hope to some day be able to operate some farm equipment.
Not sure why I am fascinated with this bridge but always try to capture a photo when we pass this way.
The landscape is mesmerizing.
This was the best getting to watch him play and create.

Well, Hubby just left again. He comes home for lunch every day and Jenny, Taco and Nora, happily greet him when he arrives. Now they are all sleeping off their meals. Some routines are just right.

Thank you dear reader for the visit, where you are and where ever you are going today, get there safely. Hugs to you and you and you.

By the way, to you, Dickhead, who ran for council or mayor of PS, piss off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Still trying to get rid of the creepy crawly feeling when I saw the comment from you on youtube….)

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  1. Great content 🙂 Thank you

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    1. No, thank you for reading 🙂 Have a great day!

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  2. Love your material! CES Is serious. I have similarities. Spinal cord injury in the USMC in 1972. Have had problems ever since. Had surgery but can’t have any more. It’ll paralyze me. Best wishes always. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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    1. Thank you! I like yours as well and like the connection as I am still kind of new to the spinal cord issues. I can’t have any more surgery, either at least that will not cause more issues. Looking forward to reading more of your articles. Thanks for reaching out as it is much appreciated.


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