Leap Frog

Good morning out there in the world! Hope ya’ll are all doing well on this Wednesday, June 24, 2020. I wasn’t going to say it ’cause Christmas is not my thang, never has been, but look at that, Christmas Eve is in 6 months. Oh joy and deck the halls. That only means that Halloween is approaching sooner! Now that is a holiday I can get behind. Who couldn’t? Candy, dressing up and candy!!! Anyhow, yesterday my son and grandson came over and we got to hang out in the pool, it was the greatest! I must say, My grandson is quite witty and sharp, his poor parents are going to be in amazing shape trying to keep up with him! Grama just knows, I could see his wheels turning as he sat at the keyboards yesterday and tried playing music. As hard as it is, I made a promise to never go against the word of my kids when they say “no” to my grand kids. If their parents says “No” to them. Then Grama says “No” as well. My gift to my kids is to present a united front. This was something that my young family lacked and direly needed. It is hard to fix bad or fabricated memories as children are like sponges and soak up everything that is discussed in front of them and sometimes even when you think they haven’t heard, they hear. We discussed that. My son really is doing a great job and I really am proud of him. My poor son, I think I aged him 10 years in the two hours that he was here yesterday. I look forward to having him back again next week, that is, if he is not afraid to come back. I know he won’t be as he has always been the brave one, the one to leap without looking.

This was taken April 6, 2018.

The above photo I found yesterday when I was looking for road signs. It made me laugh as I needed it. During this time I was trying different ideas and wanted to use that dress and those sparkly shoes for something as I had found them at a thrift store in Rancho Mirage near my job at the furniture store (my last job). Now with drop-foot, I don’t think I will ever be walking in those again. I got out the tripod and tried out a few poses and shots. I can’t find the card, but I did save this shot in a folder and labeled it with name so it means that the others must not have been that great, not that this one is. Speaking of cards, during our talk yesterday, I reminded my son of a conversation we had previously on Fathers Day and how it upset me. He made a comment about how many SD cards I had and that I would have more money if I didn’t have so many. His words stung, like a slap in the face. Why? His father’s mother used to question everything I did. “Must be nice.” was a statement that came out of her mouth more times than I can count. Do the math. Their Dad was disabled and only worked a couple of jobs before he couldn’t at age 23. Me I worked, several low paying jobs to support our growing family. When we separated, I didn’t get child support, I even paid for their Dad’s cell phone so their Dad could call the kids when ever and where ever he wanted till I couldn’t afford to pay for it. No one speaks of these things, only that I bought too many shoes and clothes (mostly from a thrift store on the corner of Valley Blvd and Temple City Blvd in El Monte, CA) or insert any other ill thing I did or didn’t do. So, the words from my son hurt and I let him know it and I also let him know that he should use this as a lesson and to not let others dictate how your kids treat you or view you. I know I was far from the being the best Mom and am not looking for any awards. I just want my kids to know there are always two sides to every story and please don’t let someone else’s memories become your own.

I’m in this pic too!! If you look closely, you can see me lying on the ground.

Oooops! Seems I still was affected. It also was cool that my son is interested in photography and I was excited watching him taking photos of his son. I was however was too busy with my grandson splashing around in the pool. It was the best way for this Grama to get her exercise. It really wore me out, but in a good way. I did change a few of his camera settings cause I couldn’t help myself but really, he will need to muddle through and discover the controls and what he wants to achieve in his photos. I warned him to stay away from those photography classes that FB and other social media outlets advertise as all he really needs is to pick up a few good books from Scott Kelby . or one of his choosing as he will have to study. I worry that if he takes too many classes or follows to many photographers, he will develop their styles and not his own. I also cautioned him to not listen to the well meaning people that will make well meaning comments about his gear. Trust me, I have heard some shit, and advised him that I will help him get used lenses (when I can or he can use mine as he is a Nikon shooter like me) as I have yet to purchase something that has not been refurbed for my camera. My Sony A7 is a refurb and was just recently disco’d…rut roh! Although he may have to watch out for those analog versus digital shooters as their love and pride of each type of media is almost as comical as Reps vs Dems. So, really it is cool, I have one son that is getting into photography and one son that cooks, my heart couldn’t be any fuller.

This is one of the reasons I take photos, to transform them since I can not draw, not even stick figures.

Thank you reader for stopping by. May today be the day that everything goes right and all the numbers add up. Hugs to you and you. Be kind.


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  1. morishige says:

    Hi, M! I really love this post. So thoughtful, so personal.

    I admire how you can control your emotion. I mean, I’m quite young and in many occasions I can’t control my emotion. I just say what I want to say to counter the argument without considering the other person’s feeling. I hope I could grow and be mature, like you.

    Greetings from the other side of the globe! 9.43 pm here. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning!

      You are so sweet to say that. I am 50 years old and had to take an anger management class after I punched my son when he was 13. It was the best thing ever. I really learned many great techniques to control my anger. The best one is to stop and think about the other person before you open your mouth and act. Take a breath, walk around, redirect. I sometimes forget these things, thank goodness we are on lock down otherwise I may not be able to control myself 🙂 You are already a fine citizen and human being, I just know it. You read, you are open to all types of music and you talk to an old Grama 🙂

      It is 3:50 AM


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