Good morning to you our there on this epic spinning adventure or soap opera? Today is April 30, 2020. The last day of April the longest April in my recorded history. So, yesterday I posted the conclusion to Throwing Fire Into the Water. It’s the first draft, I am not looking to publish it but have mentioned before that I am toying with going back to school, possibly for media – film? Yeah, think I want to turn this into a screen play and if I do go back to school maybe this could be a project so I could be ahead of the game, right? I need all the help I can get so if I can get a head start on anything, I say then “Okay!”

You know how I love a heavy bass beat, press play…

A cool thing happened yesterday. Remember how I mentioned in a previous post that I am going to start letting random people know that I think their work is great or I admire it. Anyhow, last year I started following a group, the Texas Hippie Coalition because I fell in love with their song Groupie Girl. Their guitarist, Nevada Romo, followed me on IG. So, if you follow me here, I have mentioned several times that if an artist follows me for no particular reason, I will look them up and if I like what I hear, I will follow back and add them to my Spotify list and play them daily. Well, that kid and some of his band members followed me and I followed back. So, a few days ago, they posted on IG that they released a new single and I gave it a listen and I messaged band member Willy T (Coleby Thompson) @_willy_t of the band and not Nevada, the main dude. Just told him “BearF33t (devil hand sign emoji and clapping emoji)” and didn’t expect to hear anything back as no one, and I mean no one, ever responds to me, crazy Grama Kush. Really, I am too old and too married to be using social media for it’s best intent. Anyhow, he responded “Hell ya!! I love the bongo parts I threw in there”. Honestly, yeah, the bongo parts were cool but the bass really rocks as well! Made my whole day! I wished him well and thought about it and hey give them a listen on Spotify here is the link. You know I am sure they have family and Mom’s and Grama’s to cheer them on but one more won’t hurt, right?

To all you aspiring artists going through this crisis, don’t lose faith, hold on. Find ways to keep going because when you guys play and create all that joyful noise you give others hope. Your songs make people feel stuff. Sometimes anger. Sometimes sadness. Sometimes a song will send a memory down someones cheek or make them dance in the market when they think no is watching. Anyhow, I picked out the above song because as it is very marketable and commercial. I see it in a movie. I see guys walking down the street, getting in a car. Velvet, sunglasses, paisley perhaps but then this beat takes me to Garvanza Park and watching my boys and their friends skating the bowl and the wide eyes of my boys trying to hide their other habits. You remember. So, I know concert halls and music venues are quiet now but they won’t always be. We, the fans of music, will be back.

Hubby and I went on the evening slow ride through they night. It was nice. The Hot & Ready sign was on at Krispy Kremes and my whole week was made. The sunset last night was a classic Palm Springs light show with streaks of red and orange clouds through the valley over the 10 fwy. Mother Nature does not seem to know the turmoil that is occurring or maybe she does and that is why she gives us these glorious moments at sunset.

To you, out there, where ever you are this morning, have the pie, wear the jeans with the whole in the crotch, call that person, you know who before its too late. Have a beautiful day. Hugs.

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  1. morishige says:


    Texas Hippie Coalition has got an new great fan! 🙂

    These days, besides listening to Khruangbin, I’ve been listening to many bands and musicians. Surprisingly, the world has much more great artists than those who made it to the major label or got millions of followers on their social media accounts.

    The world really needs artists these days….

    Well, good evening from the other side of the globe! 🙂


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