Falling Stars

Good morning to you out there on this April 23, 2020. It is Wednesday in the Coachella Valley and it is going to be a beautiful day just like yesterday. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cool and the skies are the perfect Crayola sky blue. During this time of year, the Lyrids (correction – yesterday I had mistakenly wrote Leonids) make their yearly fly by. The day before, we had just returned from a trip from Krispy Kremes and I was just about to head into the garage when I looked up and saw a shooting star and quickly made a wish. I excitedly asked Hubby if we could get up early to go check out the natures light show as I had heard it was happening this week. He said, “Sure.” So, yesterday, we got up around 3 AM and headed out toward Joshua Tree. However, I am super slllooooww. I should have charged my batteries and gotten coffee ready earlier. We got out the door around 4 AM and headed East. The 10 Fwy was busy with cars, mostly semi-trucks.

Sadly, I knew that we would not be seeing any falling stars but knew that I would see some great scenery as that route never disappoints. The Cactus City rest stop was jam packed with trucks when we zoomed by. I said a silent prayer for them as we drove by, may they all get to there destinations safely on day and every day and I also prayed for the driver in front of and round them that they drive safely as well. We got to the south entrance of Joshua Tree just at dawn. There was a sign that indicated the park was closed. We parked near the barricade and I could see a flashlight coming our way so we headed a few yards closer to the freeway entrance. We watched the colors of the rising sun start to change the shadows and shapes of the desert. There is just something about it that is so peaceful. You can be mad, sad, happy, angry and in that moment everything just goes away.

We only stayed there for about 10 or 15 minutes as I had to relieve myself. If you are like me and have Cauda Equina Syndrome, you probably look at road trips with nervous agitation. First of all, CES causes spinal pain that is sometimes aggravated by sitting. Also, CES affects something that most people take for granted, taking a wee. Yeah, most people can go unaided in public, behind a bush, if needed. At 5 AM in the morning, during a Pandemic and public restrooms are not available, I had to hold it for 2 hours. It was sure joy, not really, but so worth it. To you truckers that got a sight of my behind trying to well you know, I am soooo sorry!! I had no I idea there was a truck parked behind that bush and I had stage fright soooo no go.

So, I have watched a few tutorials on how to achieve some of those iconic Dolly hairstyles. I really have some work to do. I kind of fancy the one in the middle. I do love that big, country hair! My supplies are ready. I have a big circle brush, bobbie pins, curlers, curling irons, two cans of hairspray and Hubby to help. Not sure what he is going to do but I told him he is helping! So that is still in the works. Just trying to get my self ready for this…

Does Dolly Parton wear hair wigs or is it her own hair? - Quora

When we returned yesterday morning, I attempted to make Belgian waffles as I had been craving them. Okay well, I had the munchies and Denny’s is not a sit down establishment at the moment. Hubby happens to have one of those doo-hickey’s that makes fancy waffles. So, I looked up a recipe that had me whip up egg whites and fold in batter and such. I oiled the heated griddle, poured the batter in and closed the lid and let it do it’s thing. Well, let’s say, we had pancakes and they were light and fluffy, probably the lightest and fluffiest, ever! My son and his family will be getting the ol’ waffle maker and hopefully they can create some happy family memories with it.

This morning, I made French toast and had a hankering for some dance music as I had been listening to lots of Southern music in the last few weeks. My ass had been happily shimming around the kitchen to TLC, Destiny’s Child and Arrested Development. I was singing the lyrics to Bad Girls from Donna Summer when I had a flash of a late night trip I took around 2005 or 2006. My kids were with their Dad and I had just finished a shift at the bar. This kid I was hanging out with suggested we take a drive. Anyhow, we flipped a coin, heads north, tails south. It was tails, we headed South. I had a rental car for the weekend because my car was in the shop. I let him drive that car around Irvine when we stopped for gas. That was the last thing I remembered till I opened my eyes just past Tijuana as we were making the turn onto that highway that leads you to Rosarito. Yeah, we ended up in Ensenada, I ate tacos in Puerto Nuevo out of the back of families house. Those were some tasty tacos and it was the best 3 bucks I had ever spent! That water was so blue as I recall. The best part was later that night we went to this club, it was empty, except for a group of young girls. They were probably in their early 20s. I was 35ish. This was a karaoke bar. I had just sung a song and had sat down. A while later one of the girls came over to me and asked me something in Spanish that I didn’t understand. I told her I didn’t speak Spanish. She then asked, “Will you sing a song with us?” So, I did. They were singing Upside Down by Diana Ross and they had me sing the lead and they were dancing behind me. I think I was cracking up during most of it. My friend had video taped it but he and I had lost touch long ago when he had a liaison with one of my male co-workers (yes, really). Anyhow, with that, here is a little Diana Ross. May she get the inner diva in you to shine.

I loooove this glorious woman!!!

Thank you for stopping by you fabulous person that you are! Keep shining and be somebodies light and keep looking up! Hugs to you.

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  1. Timothy Price says:

    Are you going to share the results of your Dolly hairstyle? I like Dolly. She has a great personality and lots of talent. As ex-bicycle racers, we know all about peeing behind bushes, trees, posts, whatever is available. I can’t find the YouTube right off hand, but I remember Bob Roll telling a story about racing the Tour de France. He had to take a crap really bad, so at a slow point in the race, he jumped off his bike, ran behind a bush, and took a big dump. He said when he stood up he heard something behind him, looked and there was a French family having a picnic a few yards away staring at him. He skedaddled, grabbed his bike and got back in the race. Falling stars? You meant real, cosmic stars. I thought you were going to has some commentary on annoying Hollywood types.


    1. Hello Tim!

      Ha ha Ha Ha!!!! I Looked up the story about Bob Roll and just about shat myself!!! It is a hard story to verify. I clicked on one and it was click bait 😦 Yeah, I have issues, with going at all in the great outdoors. My sons on the other hand could go any where. Yeah, The Leonid meteor shower was at it’s peak a few nights ago. We live near Joshua Tree and it is one of the best places to catch anything like that however we left too late so it got too light out.

      Yes, I will post photos of the Dolly hair doos. I tried one yesterday, I wish I would have had a pic of that. I had to cut a comb out of my hair. Today I tried putting rollers in my hair and gave up after putting in 8 rollers, I have lots of hair. I think I am going to try a different approach tomorrow and have hubby take photos.

      Have a great day 🙂

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      1. Timothy Price says:

        Sounds like your going wild with you hair doos. It’s been a while since I saw that Bob Roll intreveiw. One time I was driving back from a meeting with another staff member who forgot to go before we left the meeting. We had a 2.5-hour drive back to the office, it was late at night, we were in the middle of nowhere when she said “I hope we find a gas station soon. I have to pee.” I told her it was going to be a while, and offered to pull over so she could pee behind a bush or on the side of the road. This was rural NM, dark and not a soul for miles around. She wouldn’t do it, and suffered until I could stop at a gas station about hour after I offered to pull off the road.


      2. That was me yesterday morning. There are no public restrooms right now. I have to go every 5 minutes, or at least I think I do. That is the nature of my condition. I tried on the side of the road and I couldn’t go.

        I am still looking. My hubby has heard the story. It sure sounds funny.

        I think I will start with an easy Dolly one. Mybe one with pony tails. Then work my way up from there.

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  2. morishige says:

    It seems like an awesome trip. Oh how I miss watching the sunrise from the hills or mountains.

    Stay safe there and happy Dolly Partoning 😀


    1. (Sorry, answering messages as I see them come in…it is 3 AM here) Yeah it was fun. I love it he is spontaneous, it is not often. We really are getting older, mostly him. He works so much and I understand that he is tired so I don’t bug him. When I could drive, I used to take off in the middle of the night to find the perfect sunrise. My poor kids. I know they think I am nuts. Oh well. Good morning!

      By the way,,,The dolly thing will will have to be put on hold till the safe distancing thing is over. I have too much hair 😦 I’ll post photo later….

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      1. morishige says:

        Good evening! Every person is nuts in their own way. So am I. Haha…

        Yeah I guess Dolly can wait. 😀

        Have a nice day and stay safe!


      2. You are so right about the nuts part. Yeah, hopefully I find a hairdresser to help me out. I don’t want to cheat and use a wig. That would be no fun. Have fun out there. Looking forward to answering those other messages. I had other questions…. 🙂


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