Good morning to you on this April 15, 2020 looks like you made it, and that’s a good thing! We are still on this ever changing carnival ride but the end is within sight, if you squint real, real, real hard. This past Sunday, families had to find new ways to celebrate the holiday. It was cool to get the video message from my daughter and see my grand kids get their baskets. Hubby and I have been taking it easy. I had no idea that he had such an extensive music video collection, I should say, music documentaries. Yesterday, we watched The Allman Brothers Band Brother of the Road. Today we watched a Shindig documentary. If you like the Allman Brothers and haven’t seen it do check it out. If you do not know who the Allman Brothers are, well, well, well here I will give you a sample to take them for a test drive.

So if you like what you hear so far, try out the movie, I dare you!

Anyhow, I couldn’t take my eyes off the photography. The music had my hands air drumming and air guitar-ing and singing out loud every now and then, but that photography was spot on. It was everything that I try to do when I am out there shooting. I try to get the right parts so that the camera is focused on the hands playing. I checked out the DVD case and saw that it listed Kirk West as the Allman Brothers Band Photographer. So, I looked him up. Well, I am happy to report that he is still alive, recovering from a bout with that Covid-19 and is also recovering from a heart attack. Anyhow, he has on Instagram. I clicked FOLLOW and like any fan girl, I sent him a message and told him that I admired his work and that I wished him well. That was it. Nothing more. Didn’t want to seem creepy but I am going to stop worrying about what people think. Sometimes, you just have to tell people how you feel before it is to late. It’s not like I was telling him something bad, I was giving him a compliment and little hearts just don’t convey that sometimes. Anyhow, I am sure he has a company that handles his social media but do check out his work it truly is perfection and on film to boot. Also, another thing to mention was the bass playing of Alan Woody. I was so blown away by this one bass solo that I muttered “Bootsey…who?” I was completely hooked. I could not tell if he was playing an Alembic or if it was an Epihone. Derek Trucks plays some nice slide with a sweet ass SG. This really is a classic and not a waste of time to watch.

Yesterday, we took a drive to Sonic and then out to Indio. We parked at an empty Greyhound Station Parking lot to eat. It was nice. We got to watch a train go by and then I got a mask on and got my camera and walked along the train tracks and under the over pass so I could take a few shots.

It is was only for a few minutes but it was so peaceful. Usually, I try to find a good angle or something I think some one else will like. Well, again, as I have mentioned before, I am doing stuff for me, not anyone else. A few years ago I bought this gaudy, vest that looks like fake lambs wool. It covers my ass and it is kind of warm so I threw it on the other day when we were going to pick up dinner. It is actually kind of hideous. I call it my Mad Max costume. Anyhow, I have decided that I am going to wear it along with my bandanna whenever I go out. Lord help you all if I find a tierra! Seriously! It was a little depressing seeing everyone in those masks. I want to see people in bee antennae or tutus. Serious times like these call for some serious silliness. Y’all think I’m joking, right? Stay tuned…

Take a walk with me…

Hubby also shared with me some old band footage from bands that he had been in previously. For the last week I had been trying my to best get them downloaded so that he could share them with his friends. He gave me permission to share the interview on IG. I thought it was cool since it is part of Los Angeles/Hollywood history. If you were in a rock or punk band back in the 80′ and 90’s you may or may not have paid to play at the Natural Fudge Factory. My boys father and his band Fizgig also played there around the same time. Somehow, I know that Hubby and the boys Dad probably ran into each other during that time as they were both doing that LA band grind back then. I guess we will never know but cosmically I just don’t know…

Oh yeah, I had an epiphany this weekend. I knew that if I randomly went through cards it would spark something, I just didn’t know what. Well, I mentioned before I went to Citrus College in Glendora in 90-92. I took a creative writing course. There was a novela I started and then had the stroke. Yes, I hadn’t thought about it since then. When I got to the photos with Angel and Analiesse I had a flash of that story I had written. I wasn’t sure if it was a story or if it was real and a past memory. Well I did some hunting and it was a story. Whew! I met Angel in my head over 30 years ago. That character was just as elegant and gritty as Angel. Anyhow, I need to spend time with that story as well as work on the others. I think those ghosts have been haunting me and I need to put them to rest finally. It was that picture below, of Angel and Analiesse, around 15 or so years apart, the young learning so much from the mature and seasoned and beautiful.

Oh Universe, you know how to make me laugh ’cause the song “My Chick Bad” by Ludacris and Nicki Minaj just loaded…excuse me me gotta back it up…Oh yeah, sorry about that. Actually feeling much better. The last few days have been a little meh. I even callously threw out the “Try and lose a few pounds to help ease pain.” bullshit out there in my last post. Sorry!!! That was rude of me. Really and truly, I was trying to convince myself to stay on this plan. So far so good. Besides my body rejecting food, everything is fabulous. Only follow what your personal physician allows and suggests.

Well, thank you for stopping by and hanging out! Where ever you are and what ever you are doing hope you smile and laughed. Hugs to you that are needing them and especially to you that doesn’t.

Oh yeah, to my people on Facebook. I am going to stop sharing on page as much, really, I hate having to censor myself. If you would like to get a notification, please click the subscribe by email button. Thank you and have a fabulous day!

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  1. morishige says:

    Hi there! I watched the Allman Brothers. The song is pretty cool it reminds me of Cream. And, you know what, this particular song is perfect for a road trip! Oh, I miss the road. I’m gonna search it on YouTube Music and listen to their other songs.

    No way! That was your hubby’s band? So cool. They had to be quite famous getting interviewed like that. I played guitar in a band but it was just a middle school band covering Green Day and Blink182’s songs. How I miss my buddies…

    The last two photos are great. Magazine materials. You really know how to make use of the natural light. Cool! 😀


    1. Aren’t they great? Cream is another great band. Such a classic. In the White Room came to mind. Yeah, he is the one in the hat. He waas kind of embarrased but I thought his kids should see it! RIght? It is history.
      Do you still play? Green Day and Blink! Love them! Great bands to cover. If I ever learn to play, I would like to cover the Descendents, they are my favorite! Do you still play?

      Thank you! I take photos all the time. I haven’t studied photography and don’t really try to shoot like anyone. Thank you for the critique. I just know what catches my eye.
      Stay well and good morning 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. morishige says:

        Yes they are! They have the roots (blues and a little bit jazz) and they have the energy of rock n roll. Just like Cream.

        Perhaps it’s too nostalgic for him. 😀 But, yes, his kids should know that his father IS cool! Not every kid can say, “My father was in a band!”

        These days I only play acoustic guitar and ukulele. The time for a band has gone, I guess. We’ve taken different path of life. Everytime I miss the guys, I’ll grab the guitar and play the acoustic version of Green Day songs we used to play. The guys of the Descendants are like the ancestors of Green Day, Blink 182, Sum41. 😀 The drumming of Green Days drummer sounds like that of the Descendants. The funny thing is, now I’m listening to the early punks, like Television, the Ramones, and the Talking Heads.

        Seriously, you’re really great with light. I guess that’s one of the most important thing for a photographer. 😀

        You stay well too. It’s 9.36 pm in the western part of Indonesia. 😀 So good evening. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. There is something about that Southern sound. It’s groovy. Hubby’s ears perked up when I said Cream. He likes Eric Clapton. The classics.

    Yeah, I think it is cool, I am sure his kids will think it is cool too some day. Yeah, I would have proudly said “Hey, my dad was in a band” and probably wore his band shirts.

    That is so cool that you can play. I am trying to learn. I know it is sad that it seems that live music at least in large venues will be quiet for awhile. Maybe times like the back yard shows from the Allman Brother times may become a thing again. Secret , small shows…who knows? I was practicing a lot up until January and then I stopped. I just started again. Hubby wants to get me a ukulele bass. He said it might be easy for me to learn. I will update you. We are listening to some of his playing a few years ago and he (MY hubby) is my favorite bass player…EVER! I will post a video to IG soon.

    Again, thank you! I really need to take a few more photography courses. I tried but I got bored. Ugh.

    Good night!


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