Joyful Noise

Good morning to you where ever you are this morning. Last night was date night and I had been looking forward to going out and the band that was performing as I have been a fan since I saw them performing with another band back in 2018, possibly 2017. I would have to check the time/date stamp on the file to get the exact date. However, I felt the glaring eyes of one person as hubby and I waited to buy sodas. We don’t drink alcohol. I wish I could stomach it but really I can’t. Anyhow, I even walked up the stairs which is a fete itself! Sorry to the lady that was behind me, the struggle is real. Yesterday, I really had second thoughts about going as my pain levels have been running high and my balance is off so I walk like a drunken toddler. When we got up to the balcony and sat down, I got the glaring eyes of the radio announcer from his mic area and then as he walked down stairs to do some announcing, he stopped and didn’t say anything to me but walked rather closely to us and stopped for a moment. Hubby thought I was overreacting when I said “I am being watched, I can feel it”. I know I said I would stop apologizing for things that I do but okay guys you win. I will never go in there again, besides I have been banned from going back and was escorted out by the sound guy, at least that is what he said. Really, dude, I am sorry that I made you do a little work and have to stay in the balcony by the sound board. Really, was that necessary? It’s just a camera not a weapon of mass destruction. I told the guy that we didn’t need the escort as I would have left peacefully. I wasn’t going to try and sneak back in. By the way, sound dude, I am sorry that I was an asshole, you were just doing your job. I had been told before that I could take photos when a certain band was there, I was not doing it to be an asshole. We got there as they were beginning their second set and hubby and I sat and watched almost the entire set. The band really is good. I giggled a few times watching them as the singer was a little chatty Cathy last night and the guitar player and drummer were behind her making the best faces and exaggerated gestures. They do this all while playing instruments and sounding so very joyful, because to me, music is such joyful noise. They all know how to entertain, that is for sure! The bass player though was awesome and not just saying that because he was wearing Chucks! I have yet to have experience one bad bass player in that room. So, I did not take one photo, with my non-pro camera, unless you count that photo in my mind. I did hold the camera up to make adjustments and that is when I got the boot. Also, I was not sure if it was okay for the singer. I am respectful and wanted to ask her or get her attention to make sure it was okay and I hadn’t. I just don’t assume ’cause you know that old saying, “assuming makes and ass out of you and me”. I know the rules and yes I was just going by what I had known to be true. Anyhow, you win, whoever you are. Don’t worry I will never bad mouth that place or any of the entertainers. Truly, my bad for wanting to steal a little of their energy via photos. So, really if that makes me a criminal, so be it. I’m just a Grama that likes to take photos and live music. I thank all of you that I have taken pictures of in that room in the last two years and hope to run into some of the fine patrons that I have met in the last two years there as that was why I liked going. Getting photos was a plus as my memory is getting spotty. I loved to watch all the dancers and always wished to dance down there with them. I really do love music and dancing as it can be a joyful experience. So to any of you out there do check it out if you are in the area on a Thursday night, it is quite nice. By the way, really, it was a fabulous night. Anytime I get to sing along to the songs that I did get to hear last night is a win. So thanks guys and can’t wait to see all your future successes.

By the way, thank you Hubby, for sticking up for me, even when the punker in me tumbled out, I love you!!! Luckily, even though I did fall off the horse last night, I will get right back on it as The Ghosts of Kelso play tonight at the Red Barn in Palm Desert. I guess I really should have just stuck to photographing the guys and never dreamed of anything bigger. I really was practicing and not trying to profit off the photos. I can’t afford continued education so I use life experience, Google and Youtube (like most people now-a-days). I removed the label of photographer off my personal IG as I don’t feel like one and I have never been paid for my work not that I have ever asked for money. You see, I have more time than I do money and taking photos is free-ish. Funny, but the photos that I am most proud of I do not own the rights to as I donated my service and images. I did however try to play the IG game and tout that I was a photographer and did try to make it seem like I was good-ish. I never said I was a pro, ever. Besides, I shoot like a Grama and could never compete with all the talent that is out there. Anyhow, it just isn’t fun anymore as with my new normals as it really is hard to stand upright while holding he camera against my face. Since the surgery, I feel like I am uneven ground. It is so hard to explain sometimes, but if I can’t see my feet, it feels like I am floating in space and could tip one way or another, like a Weeble Wobble. Often, it appears that I am drunk or high but really, it getting hard to keep putting on the happy face to cover how I really feel. I feel so lost here in the Coachella Valley right now, I often feel like this when we return from our short trips to the Los Angeles area and I start feeling homesick. In the land of concrete canyons and the worst traffic ever I never felt alone. I miss my friends and their safety. I miss going out and dancing and laughing and the 2 AM Denny breakfasts. I know I am getting old and that was my old life but I still feel youngish even with my compromised health and would like to partake in that every now and then. Maybe one day this place will feel like home, instead of the longest vacation, ever.

Before I sign off for today, Here are a few of the things that I shot last week. I see beauty where ever I go and want to remember it or that feeling of experiencing it.

Thank you for stopping by and may your weekend be chock full of adventure. Hugs to you that need it and where ever you are going, get there.

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