Oooh Yeah…Oooh Ooh Yeah

Helllooo there and good morning! If you are reading this, then you made it to Thursday and that is a great thing! Hubby played with the Ghosts of Kelso last night at the Sands RV & Golf Resort. By the way, if you are into RV’s and or camping and you don’t really want to be too far away from civilization, Desert Hot Springs is the place for you. The guys played poolside last time they were at that resort, this time they were indoors as the desert was expecting high winds. It was breezy yesterday but it was nothing like what was predicted.

Old Glory waving in yesterdays the desert breezes.

This was the second time that they played there. It seemed more crowded indoors and that was a good thing as all those warm, dancing bodies helped with the acoustics in the room as it had quite an echo when the guys were warming up.

This was shot in B & W and not converted from color to monotone.

The room sure was colorful. Upon walking in you are greeted by a string of flags that hang from a ceiling beam. The flags are from various States, countries and organizations.

What I liked was watching was when the resort residence started arriving and all the meet and greets that were popping up around the room. It truly was a social hour or so. Also, it was groovy when the guys started playing a cover of the Led Zepplin song Rock n’ Roll and the room erupted with cheers and claps and then the dance floor was filled. Funny, but this is a 55 plus resort and I remember that I thought that “Hmmm….this is not going to be like the usual dive bar crowd.” I was wrong, very wrong. You see, most of the songs the guys cover are from the 70’s like Led Zep, Cash, Deep Purple, and some other rockin’ bands. Most of the people in that room got to experience Led Zepplin firsthand as teenagers or young children. They did not happen upon it because their older sisters or parents liked the band .

This is the thing that I mention time and time again about music. Music holds memories for some. I still remember the first time I heard Led Zepplin, like really heard them. True, my sisters had introduced me to them as well as many of the acts that have influenced my musical tastes. Led Zepplin reminds me of my reckless, wild, sad, exciting, life changing 15th year on this earth. I remember being in cars with the speakers blaring the Lemon Song or Misty Mountain Hop or any of their many gems. Silently, I wanted to ask some of these people what memories they have attached to the song Rock N’ Roll, the writer in me I guess. I have not finished downloading all the video from last night. So far I have downloaded their cover of American Band, which I posted below.

Also, I tried out some of the effects on the Sony A7. I know everyone that considers themselves a photographer thinks you need to shoot on manual and show off your skills. I have a decent amount of knowledge about my camera. I am comfortable enough with the size of my…knowledge to not have to boast anymore about it. No more Joe Pesci Syndrome for me and my former short knowledge of cameras. Yes, I know there is still lots to learn and as my Dad would say “I paid good money for this.” to not use all those features that make things so much easier to handle. Hey, it is hard enough to stay upright and to focus the lens and have to adjust settings. All I know is, no one is really going to ask you what setting you use if you got a good shot because there is so much more to a photo than what settings or gear that is used.

Speaking of staying upright, I walked around the room a bit more than I usually do. Something clicked yesterday and I felt excited to shoot. For the last few months, I have had “photog-block” kind of like writers block but seriously I had to push myself to shoot or even edit. It may have started when my computer took a crap and then a few other things happened with my software making it impossible to open my RAW files. I uninstalled, re-installed, cleaned-out my system and still my computer lagged. I finally did one more thing to my computer and it seems to be working again. It is still slow and it takes up to 5 minutes to open one shot but hey, once I can convert to JPG it’s all easy-peasy from there. Anyhow, yesterday, I felt free of the block. Now to get back to working out on schedule and I should get my strength back to what it was a few months ago. Confession, I have taken the last two month off from swimming. I still walk but not as much as I did. I know to well that the pain is not going to go away and this extra 25 pounds is the one of pain causes. So….

So, two more days and we will be going on a special road trip. We are heading for the bright lights of Las Vegas!! My sister gave us tickets to the Van Morrison concert at the MGM. He is one of my favorites, no, he IS my favorite musician, next to hubby…oh, yeah, umm…I saw Van, yeah I call him by his first name like he is an old friend, at the Hollywood Bowl and it was magical. I know Saturday to expect more of the same. Also, I can’t wait to see my sister and her family as well.

To you dear read, take time to breath, it’s okay. Where ever you are going, get there.

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