Moonlight & Trolls

Good morning and it’s Monday! Made through this weekend. Even though I am exhausted I must say I had a blast this weekend. Hubby played Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the Ghosts of Kelso. This weekend they welcomed two new band members. My bad for not getting the new keyboard players name. I will have to ask hubby later. Oh oh oh, what is this? Polk Salad Annie and that smokey bass line. Really I was looking up moon songs like Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest on the Youtube and after listening to King Harvest’s version the next video that came up was Tony Joe White. First of all, the dude is playing guitar, singing and then plays harmonica. Yeah, I know it has been done before, many times over but I love the gritty guitar and bass and the keyboards jamming in an almost monotonous beat but then your start shaking your head and maybe you start tapping your finger as I am typing to that beat right now (all said in one breath, I get a little excited). I posted a live version that features Tony Joe White jamming with the Foo Fighters. You may probably have danced or sang to versions of his songs played by cover bands and such.

How can you not be intrigued by a guy that sings “Even Trolls Love Rock n’ Roll!” I am telling you, trolls are everywhere! (Even when you try to block them.) This song has some great guitar cat calls that has me bobbing my head and type faster. I could get lost in looking up music all day but today is my first day volunteering! How exciting is that? Really, I don’t think any paying job has ever gotten me this excited. How does that saying about work and it not being work ’cause it’s something that you like go? It has been a long time since I have been totally in love with a job. The last time was at the Brass Elephant in Monrovia. I would have worked there for free (usually did, but that is another story). It was the lowest paying job but I loved it and that was not because I could take smoke breaks when ever I wanted, really and occasionally have Bloody Mary’s in the morning while I cooking for events. There is a story to that place and I will have to write it someday, but just not today.

So, the guys played three shows this weekend. It would not be such a big deal because I follow lots of entertainers and musicians and most of them play multiple shows a week. However, these guys are like me, nearing the “We gotta make the Early Bird” phase in our lives. I have been fighting a cold and such but then I see the guys playing after they all worked long weeks and have to deal with their own things like colds, muscles spasms, bad backs and that pesky Arthur Itis and I happily gather inspiration from them. I know many, really most, people see me taking photos and think I am weird or I am trying to become “InstaFamous” but really, I am taking photos as a fan of anyone that plays. One lady asked my why I take photos at one of the gigs and I said, “Really, to get better photos of my hubby as the camera phone just didn’t cut it.” I didn’t want a little device to keep fuzzy memories. I use the camera phone a lot still but mostly only take photos with my camera. Also, when I see and hear a musician play and it makes me feel something then I want to share that with the world. Being here on WP for the last year I have learned about many new entertainers that were never on my radar and that was because when ever someone follows or likes a post, I look at their stuff and then see what treasures they are posting about, many times it is about new and sometimes old music but many of it is stuff I have never heard. So, again, thank you to all that write and inspire and most importantly sharing your own thoughts, opinions and such.

I will work on the photos I took this weekend. I tried to get a band photo. Hopefully at the next show we can get to try it again.

To you dear reader, thanks for stopping by. Have a fabulous day and week for that matter and maybe go out and dance a little in the last bit of this January full moon.

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