To begin with, Thank You to all that have stopped by this blog in 2019!!! Really and truly, I am not looking for followers but readers like me and thank you to all the wonderful blogs that I try to visit. I love that this is a place, WP, where I can learn about new music, travel, food…Anyhow, I am recapping a little of my year, mainly January 2019. In January 2019 I was working at a job I really disliked. I miss some of my ex-coworkers but really, a few of the people that I do not miss or they way they made me feel. It is really hard being talked to like I was stupid for asking a question. I guess that is why this past year and going forward, if I have nothing nice to say to a person I have to work with I will just be quiet and let them be as ugly as they want because truthfully, I have better things to expend my energy on. No more making excuses for assholes and shitty behavior. I tried, it didn’t work on to new things.

January despite the internal shit that was going on in my body I did my best to make the most of things. I had plenty of wonderful things to keep my mind busy. On January 4, 2019 we checked out Country Nation as they always put on a great show and have so much contagious energy.

This was shot from the balcony. I had to use the pillar in the balcony to stand. I only shot a few (100) photos that night.
I was lucky to get to know the singer Sarah Winchester a little bit and she is just as nice a person as she is talented.

January was busy for me. I was all over the place. I got lucky when model Ashley Reinke messaged me and asked if I could take her photos when she was in town. I eagerly agreed as I needed exposure and practice. At that time, I was in excruciating pain. I don’t drive, so hubby would have to pick me up on his lunch hour and take me to work. I think I cried every morning in January on the way to work. Hubby used to get upset with me, thinking that I only wanted to stay home and not work. He like many people thought I was faking my pain. Yeah, I was trying to fake my brain into thinking I was okay and not in pain. It didn’t work.

This was done in take. This shoot took less than 45 minutes and only one camera, no special lighting or props.

January 6, 2019, hubby drove me to meet with Ashley and we spent around 45 minutes shooting on a side street in Palm Desert. I love that street as there is a clear view of the Santa Rosa Mountains as well as these really cool trees.

This is my favorite shot of that shoot. She was a joy to work with as she was so comfortable in front of the camera. Honestly, I could have used a camera phone and she still would have shined.

On January 10, it was Country Night and I stopped into Lit Lounge. I remember we only stayed for a bit, not even a full set. I remember Rob Staley had some upstairs to talk to the sound guy and I stopped and talked to him for a minute. I don’t know why but I remember telling him that we had to go as I was not feeling well.

These guys are the first ones that I tried to take pictures in Lit Lounge in 2017. I only got a few shots that night.

The following week hubby had tickets to the PGA West Tournament and we were going to see Sammy Hagar and the Circle. I remember there was a long walk to the shuttle bus and then another long walk to the stage area. If I wouldn’t have been so high I probably would have cried the entire time. The show, though. was so worth all the un-comfortableness. Honestly, for around an hour I kind of forgot about it and was able to catch some great shots and listen to some kick-ass music.

This one is my favorite. It feels like we are snooping on a private conversation between friends.
Jason Bonham gives the best drummer faces, period!
Here is another favorite. I love the emotion in Vic Johnsons face.

The following day we had a long, rough, car ride to Long Beach, CA as hubby was playing with Boxcar7. Again, thank goodness for weed ’cause it got me through that rough ass month.

Hubby, that guy that makes me feel all groovy and stuff…
I always like getting to shoot in sunlight. Great lighting makes most photos look like a pro shot them.

Hubby also had a rough month. Six days before my surgery, I was helping hubby with his equipment as the place they had played did not have a loading area.

I really thought that the end was near. I knew that when I had my last appointment with my primary care doctor that I was worn out and could no longer go on, this was on the 26th. I told her what I thought of her diagnosis and begged for intervention from the Pain Management Dept. I was quitting…everything. When I am in pain, I get suspicious and my feelings are all over the place. Hubby survived somehow too. He took the brunt of my pain. Anyhow, I survived. Finally, on January 30th, 2019 I got a call in the early evening that changed everything. A neurosurgeon from Fontana, CA called me and said I needed to report to the ER. I advised him that I have waited this long, I will go in the morning. I already knew what was going to take place and the long road ahead of me. I just wanted to spend one more night with my hubby. So, to any of you that feel like shit and don’t want to go on. I feel you, been there, done that. No matter how much pain I am in I want to live more now than I ever have. All I know is that despite the pain I find ways to quiet it. I know how tiring it is for no one to believe you.

Cauda Equina Syndrome
This was taken on February 1, 2019. I have Cauda Equina Syndrome., My surgery was on Jan 31, 2019.
This was taken in April 2019.

This year I let others take photos of me. I am not one to like photos of me as I am not photogenic and no, I am not fishing for compliments. The thought of having photos taken of me makes my upper lip sweat and my stomach rumble with gas. Oh yeah, I met so many wonderful and talented people and stepped out of my comfort zone a bit when I reached out to Sarah Winchester and asked her if I could photograph her outside of the Lit Lounge.

This the that shot, the one that stood out. This was my first attempt after my surgery to see if I could still shoot.

I asked for a media pass to for the Brian Wilson show and I was granted one, success. However, my photos sucked balls. Let’s see I traveled to Arizona for a high school friends child’s wedding. I have been a passenger, beside hubby for over 10k in miles and I took a shit load of photos that will probably never see the light of day after I have reviewed them but I still have them, none the less. I got another media pass for Sara Evans. I stopped using my walker and that was the best feeling ever!

I could go on and on but will save those things for other posts. May you reader have a joyous New Year. What ever road you are one or where ever you are going today, arrive safely and have fun!

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