Hello on this second to last day of 2019. It’s hard to believe that a new decade is upon us, 2020. 2019 has been a wild ride. At the beginning of the year I was focused on different things like landing clients and growing my photog business, however, my body had other plans. My “plans” again, have changed. Next year I will focus more on documenting our adventures and such and just go out and shoot for fun and not because I am hoping to capture an award winning photo or garner more followers and likes. To me, photos are memories, snapshots of life and I take many almost everyday as there are things I would like to not forget. Also, after I am gone, my photos will still be around to tell a story. Hopefully, this blog will survive as maybe one of my future great-grandchildren may have questions and wonder why they can’t stand the smell of guavas or why they have larger backsides, no matter how much they exercise or why they have this strange desire to keep to running from stuff. I am still not ready to taken on clients as I am still trying to figure out the balance thing. My brain and my legs sometimes lose connection or something and I still from time to time get the feeling like I am floating as my legs get numb. Well, I can still feel my legs but it takes great effort to stay upright and even to walk when it happens, it feels like when you sat on your foot too long… I have seen peoples faces when I start to stumble and start frantically looking for something to hold on to. It makes taking photos especially hard and it is still a struggle to sit for long periods of time. I tried editing while standing up and made several mistakes as I was looking down at the screen instead of straight at it. It really affects the colors and not in a good way. This is life right now but I know it is subject to change at a moments notice.

This past weekend we took a road trip to Joshua Tree National Park as it had just snowed over the holiday. Lucky for us, it is only a half-hour drive from our place. I was giddy with anticipation as I had not been in the snow since my first grandson was born over 4 years ago. It was around 50 degrees and 7 AM when we headed out.

I think I know every curve of this highway.

We started our trip on the south side of park. The first few miles into Joshua Tree and I was beginning to think we had missed out and there would not be snow. We could see it in the mountains at higher elevations but had not spotted anything on the ground near the road.

Then as we neared the Cholla Garden, there it was, the white stuff!

Tell tale signs of the winter storm that had just passed.

We stopped in one parking area just after the Cholla Gardens and the temps registered 34 degrees around 8 AM. The place we got out was covered in ice and melted snow. We got out for a bit but me being unsteady on my feet could only stay outside for a few minutes before I retreated back to the safety and warmth of the car.

It was scary! I think I only walked as far as 4 feet away from our car when ever we stopped so I could take photos.

It’s hard being in the cold. Since my surgery on my spine, I feel the weather very intimately. I wish I could say that it felt good but it really didn’t. However, nothing was going t stop me from experiencing this show that mother nature was putting on.

I am always looking for creative ways to get a selfie…

It is hard most days having to function through the pain that I experience all day and everyday. I know I put on a good act but really it is a struggle. All I know is that we all have an expiration date and I refuse to sit around and wait for the day that I am put on the clearance rack of life because I was too afraid to live. Yes, it hurts and it hurt sitting in the car but it was worth it! Anyhow, there are more photos from our adventure below.

To you dear reader, may the roads be clear and all your light green and as always, where ever you are going, get there.

That was icy!
If it weren’t so cold I would have been out there trying to build a snowman.
Yes, I did go there and it was refreshing….not!
My photo pitch to cruiseamerica.com
A pained smile…
A little playtime.
Joshua trees have always looked like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book.
Signs of the times…

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