Good morning and if you are reading this then you made it to Sunday and that’s a good thing. It’s funny how really days of the week should mean nothing to me as I have not worked since January 30, 2019 – the day before my surgery. Actually, I now look forward to every day that I awake as I know that is a gift getting to open my eyes and am able to see another day. This time of year has always been hard on me and I am sure that it is hard for others. Holidays when I was young meant school vacations and family gatherings. There was the anticipation of when the tamales and homemade tortilla would be ready. I did care about not getting the things on the wish list in my head. My parents never asked us what we wanted for Christmas so we never knew what we were getting. It was always, almost always, a complete surprise. One Christmas, I remember peaking out of the front window because I was looking for my Dad as he suddenly was missing one Christmas Eve night. What I witnessed was my Dad and brother-in-law moving a brand new ten-speed bike out of my brother-in-laws car. I got so excited that when they walked in without the bike I blurted out how excited I was as I knew I was getting a bike. Well, my Dad then cooled my happy reaction with, “oh that is not for you.” Well, I was pretty good at getting into lots of trouble when I opened my mouth and I blurted out, “Well, I wanted a beach cruiser cause those were cooler.” My Dad was one to not miss a beat. “Well too bad, you are not getting one of those, either.” I think I broke down in tears. Anyhow, the next morning I awoke to a special gift from Santa and the bike was mine. I road that bike everywhere and had it until I was around 21. I was thirteen when I got the 10-speed bike from Sears that had the Free Spirit logo on the frame. I was 17 or 18 when I bought a child bike seat and then when I would return home from work, I would change clothes and get my daughter ready and we would make the 4.5 mile bike ride from Lewiston St in Duarte to the start of the Lario Bike Trail in Irwindale, CA. Once we got to the bike trail we would ride to Santa Fe Dam and then hang out at the park area or feed the ducks and geese. I remember one time my daughter got chased onto the park benches by hangry geese. There so many memories. After I had my stroke, I hardly ever rode again. My balance sucked and I just felt shakey. I have gotten a few used bikes over the years but nothing will ever be the same as that first 10-speed. Secretly, I still want a beach cruiser and one day I might have to try riding again.

Today, hubby and I are heading West to have breakfast with one of his daughters. I can’t wait to get out of the CV. Really, I do miss the Los Angeles metropolitan area and driving all over with my kids. We would sometimes head to the beach on Christmas morning as all the family stuff was done on Christmas Eve. We also had a tradition of going to eat at Jack & the Box as that was usually the only place open. Some times love doesn’t come in a neatly wrapped package. May be it comes in an order of $1 tacos or from the $.99 cent store. We were definitely not the traditional family but hopefully, my kids will remember it as fondly as I do.

To you reader, may your holiday be warm and bright. May your belly be full and your arms sore from hugging others. To all you single parents and worried parents, don’t beat yourself up too much if you can’t get the things that your children want, just know that I will be thinking of you all and sending good thoughts your way. Your kids will probably not remember not getting exactly what they want because they were getting what they needed, a place to live, food in there bellies and a warm bed to lay their head. Peace where ever your holidays take you, may you get there safely.

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    1. artofthebeat says:

      Thank you! Hope you enjoy your holiday.

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