Hokey Pokey

Today feels like it’s going to be a good day. I am all for the being the creator of my own destiny and gosh darn it, I am going to feel great today! I seem to have that talk with myself more and more these days. It’s hard to stay upbeat when your nose has already run a marathon. If you live in the Coachella Valley or in an area that is brimming with golf courses then you are experience scalping season. Lawn Scalping that is. At least it’s cool because most people around you are having the same issues so you don’t feel rude for blowing your nose or sniffling. It’s funny how I seem to forget about it every year until the race that my nose runs starts. It’s a minor inconvenience for 80 degree temps and blue skies. It has been gorgeous and picture perfect even though I have hardly picked my camera up to take any photos. The camera weighs too much for my face right now. So, I have been going through cards again trying to nail down shots for a promo video for my business. Confession, for the last few weeks I really thought about selling my equipment. However, I really do want to keep pursuing it. I know that the last few shoots that I did were rough. Not the models fault but mine. It is hard to focus when trying to keep yourself upright. I know that I will need to start using the tripod. No need to shake your heads fellow photogs. I know, I know. It really is not my style because I have always liked getting into various positions to get a shot or get the right light. With my spine being compromised now I need to make adjustments so I know that using the tripods more will be one of them. Also, I need to get better lighting for shooting indoor portraits. All I know is that I have been lucky to have gotten to shoot the people that I have. Angel, Analiesse, Lele, Ashley, Sarah and hubby. Yes, hubby! He has always been a favorite subject of mine. I would like to shoot more men in the future. I still dream of having a sessions with women or men that need a pick-me-up, going through a life change, have issues with having their portrait done as they have body issues. I know all about body issues and being camera shy and I know how good it felt to see myself in different portraits that I either shot myself or had someone else shoot. Anyhow, I chose a few of my favorites and made a short video. It was difficult. There is something I like about most of them even though I am sure they could be better.

I posted this to @keenfern_photography on IG is you want to see a different version.

Anyhow, I am still editing the short video. Not sure if I like the app that I am using. I have a few more to play with and check out. I re-opened the card that had, Brian Wilson, The Zombies, Purple Haze, Country Nation, Sarah Winchester and a Sunday Drive or two. I started editing Sarah’s shoot, again.

I have many shots of hubby like this. I really wished I would have video recorded some of this session.

So the shot above is one of my favorites from this session. I didn’t have to do much editing, just some cropping. I liked the casualness and the lighting. For this shoot, I let her decide on what she wanted to wear and gave her minimal directions and not because that was my plan. I really hadn’t prepared. i wasn’t sure how my legs were going to carry that morning as hubby and I been at Fantasy Springs the night before for Country Night.

This is Sarah with Country Nation.
Truly, this girl can sing and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Also on that disk were a few shots of a Jimi Hendrix tribute band that hubby and I saw at Fantasy Springs. They were playing in the Rock Yard when we were walking by after the Brian Wilson concert in September. The bass player was playing a 6 string bass which was rad! I couldn’t help but take a few shots.

I thought it was a guitar at first and then realized it wasn’t.

Also, I have picked up a guitar, hubby’s guitar, and found a couple of good Youtube instructions. I think I may have figured out why it is so difficult for me to get it. I am a lefty but do everything with my right hand. I remember in school having to learn to write with my right hand even though it was not comfortable. I didn’t know right and left back then. It was foreign. I still use scissors with my left hand and sometimes will pick up a pen to write with my left hand although it is sloppy it is so much easier for me. Anyhow, this week I am learning the finger placement for an A chord, haven’t figured out the major minor thing yet. Well, I started to get frustrated and then I flipped the guitar over to my left side, so and placed my fingers where they were supposed to go and boy (but it was upside down) it felt comfortable and I made a sound that was similar to the dude on Youtube, So, maybe, just maybe this time my brain will get it. Next week I will work on the G chord finger placement and then transitioning to a G chord from the A chord. (I have no idea what I just typed but hopefully, someone will understand me.) My goal is to learn play one song, then I can mark that off my bucket list. Any suggestions for a super easy acoustic song that this ol’ gal can learn?

This is one of the shots that I took. I was playing with promo ideas for my candles.

So, I started working on the promo shots for Grama Kush. I stopped after a few minutes because I just wasn’t feeling it. Allergies suck. The photo above is one of them. Maybe I am being hopeful but these could make good stocking stuffers for that cannabis user that most families have, just saying.

So I just came back from tinkering outside and yes, these flowers inspired me!

Where ever you are and whatever your journey is get there. Enjoy moments and friends and love and peace and stuff. (Guess that flower is giving me a flowery feeling.) Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

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