Well hey there! It’s Friday and I leave for Arizona! I have tried my hardest to reserve my strength and energy for this trip. I even took a break from editing and working on my projects. Figured rest, along with my workouts should keep me in good form at least until the wedding. The Ghosts of Kelso are playing on Friday at the Tack Room and this will be the first time since hubby and I have been together that I have missed him play. Big sad face on me right now. Anyhow, to anyone into classic rock and dancing stop by and check it out. The Tack Room is a kitschy little bar located on the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, CA.

I was not ready for that photo. The Tack Room is located ooff of Monroe St in Indio and the speed limit is 50 mph

Depending on the time of the year, the Ghosts have played inside the Tack Room or outside in the Polo Pizza Company patio. I love the divey ambiance of that place. I have heard that that patio hosts parties during the Coachella Music & Arts Festival as well as Stagecoach.

During the winter the fire pits are usually lit. This night I focused more on the fire pits andless on the band.
This is one of the fountains located in the polo fields next to the Tack Room.
This was from the first time the boys played at the Tack Room.
One thing about that place is it’s like most bars that leave the TV’s going while the band plays.
You got to be on your toes in that place as sometimes you can catch some really cool shots!

So, I am sad to not be there but know that it will be a great night of classic rock. I am getting super antsy about my trip. According to the website, the trip will last 3 hours and 55 minutes. Hopefully there is plenty of leg room and I get a seat by myself as I can’t stay still. I am sure that would annoy people. One thing I am excited about is getting to see my high school friends. We don’t get many chances to get together as we all have busy lives and live so far apart. I am so thankful that I am well enough to go. I know that I might push myself a little harder than I usually do but I would rather not miss out on anything. When my time comes I hope that I have seen and done many things instead of staying home where it is safe and comfortable.

I swim every morning and this little guy jumped into the pool during my swim yesterday.

Well, last night was country night and hubby and I stopped by the Lit Lounge to check out CJ Simmoms. We were going to stay in as I was leaving for the trip but curiosity got the best of me. They were really good. The singers both had a great energy and great vocals. I really got into watching the guitar, lap slide, piano player. Also the bass had this nice round, full tone. He was playing a 5 string Fender Jazz bass. I knew the sound before I even saw his bass. There was one familiar face on that stage. We had seen the drummer before and knew exactly who he was. The drummer was John Shelley and we had seen him a few times before playing in Neil Morrow’s band. They guy is rad on the sticks and loved his energy.

I have a thing for the rhythm section.
Love that small kit.
Loved the sound of that Fender 5 string!
The guitar/piano/slide guy.

I hadn’t researched them but you can check them out on Instagram @cjsimmonsmusic They play all over from what I see and are a group of traveling musicians. I will definitely keep an eye and ear out for them as I would like to stay a little longer next time.

Well reader, have a happy Friday wherever you are. May all your lights be green today. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see around these parts again.

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