Well hello there! It’s Monday in the Coachella Valley and season is about to get under way. What is season? It is the best time to be in the Coachella Valley as the temperatures are comfortable and the sky is usually clear, cloudless and so blue. From now till roughly the end of April visitors and part-time residents flock to this area to hold on to that endless summer feel. Most, if not all festivals and activities are planned during this time. The one that I look forward to every year but have yet to go, is Stage Coach country music festival held at the Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. Yes, Coachella the music & arts festival is also held there but I have not really wanted to attend and have not, ever.

This is a happy accident that happened last Oct 2018. This was taken when the Ghosts of Kelso played at the Tack Room Tavern located at the Empire Polo Grounds.

Every year, I vow to go but can either never afford it or as in the case this past year, I was not able to go because I was still recovering and trying to get used to all the new signals my spinal nerves were sending to my legs and feet. I am happy to report that I have not used a cane or walker in almost three weeks. I do hate that I waddle when I walk but the alternative is to hide at home and that is just not me. This past Thursday we stopped in the Lit Lounge to check out the Rob Staley Band but I was pooped out by the time we got in there. So, I just listened and enjoyed the entertainment that they provided. Just watching the dancers two-step and line dance was worth the long walk to get there. So, sometimes I will just not shoot and know that it’s okay as I got to be feeling it and haven’t lately.

. This is Coachella Bear at his new residence in Shady Lane Park in Coachella, CA. He used to reside at the Empire Polo Grounds.

Only four more days till I leave for Arizona. I am so excited! Not only am I getting to attend my high school friends daughter’s wedding but I am taking the wedding photos. It’s such an honor and I have been busily getting ready for the trip. Also, I look forward to trying out Flix Bus. If all goes well, this will greatly open up my world. My camera’s are almost all ready to go. I just purchased a super cheap Nikon N6006 and can’t wait to get the film developed!

I have been looking to buy a Pentax K1000 since it was like the one that I had originally used back in the 80’s and 90’s.

If all goes well with this camera and it works as described I will be looking into home developing. My eye is on Lab Box, it states that you can develop film even in bright sunlight. All I know is that the next lifestyle or fashion shoot I plan on using film. I love that with film you get selective about what you are going to shoot. No more shooting with reckless abandon like with my other camera’s.

I love my cheap ass D3400 camera! Crop sensor, whatever!

The above photo is of my Nikon D3400. I know what you are thinking, as I have heard what other photography enthusiasts think about it. I got my hashtag #chickwithcheapcamera because anytime I was out shooting and someone would question me about this camera, I would listen to them respectfully as they insulted and degraded my equipment. Here is a list of the things that I have heard:

  1. It’s a starter camera.
  2. It only has a crop sensor.
  3. You should get a full-frame camera.
  4. Oh that one, it’s cheap.
  5. I have “blah blah blah” camera, you should get one.

Well, yes it was cheap. I had to work and save for it and it replaced a Sony point and shoot. It has served it purpose very well. Besides, I had more important things to use my money on like living and such. Yes, photography is an expensive hobby if you are not trying to be a professional. However, I am. I read everything I can get my hands on to make my shooting better but only read for technical support as I would never want to copy someone’s style. Anyhow, I did get a full-frame camera, but not because I really needed it. I really wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. Yes, it does produce some spectacular images and the detail is amazing but I am not a clean person, I like things rough and gritty sometimes and with my D3400 that I have had for three years I know how to eek out the shots the way I want.

I like the moodiness of the Red Barn and the poor lighting.

Sometimes you can make photos look like they are painted before you do any processing.

This moody shot of the Rob Staley Band has not been edited and was taken Sept 2018 in Huntington Beach, CA at The Circle Bar.

So, sometimes when I am out shooting, I am not interested in crisp, clean shots as I know that in order to get them, I would need better lighting, a better lens and sometimes, permission to shoot. If a band that I am after is okay with me shooting then I will try to get clean shots as well as my art stuff that I am going to process and edit as needed. I do know that for this wedding the lighting is only going to be perfect outside for less an hour so I will be prepping and studying until I get there on Friday. Glad that I will get to work out some of the evening lighting bugs as I will be going to the rehearsal dinner.

This is a photo from a wedding in 2018.

Hopefully, it all goes well and the the happy couple like what I am able to capture. Last year I was at two wedding and in plus 7 pain but was able to walk around and bend and get into various positions. This time I have to worry about falling and such. My pain has been around plus 7 for past few weeks. My hip and spine are both yelling for attention. The physician that I saw for my hip indicated that I have a torn labrum but going in and cleaning up the torn lining will probably not alleviate my discomfort. He also mentioned that I will need hip replacement in the near future. So, with that, I am jumping on the high-protein bandwagon as twenty pound weight loss could alleviate some of the pain. It’s funny, but there must be more to the Cauda Equina Syndrome story. I have noticed that many people that have my condition also have problems with their hips. Is this a coincidence or just the nature of this syndrome? I have noticed a slight change in my body from my daily swimming and working out with the resistance band although the scale has not budge and I swear it has gone up!

To you dear reader, have a fabulous day and thanks for stopping by. Where ever you are going, get there and enjoy the moments.

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