Clouds in my coffee…

Howdy and happy Wednesday! I have been having fun with my new camera. Hopefully, this should help with taking indoor, low-light photos. What really excites me about this one is the video feature. I can now record video while using the eye-piece instead of holding the camera in front of me and hoping that I squint enough to get it in focus. This should change the quality of my videos and hopefully, for the better. I can also mic this one, my Nikon does not have that feature. Although I love the new one I like the way my Nikon handles my shot-gun photography but I know that I will get the Sony all figured out and I will love it just as much. Below are some of the shots I took on our little trips around the Coachella Valley. These were shot in manual. Today I am going to use the auto features to see how much better it could be or isn’t.

This past Monday, we drove through Palm Springs and I shot from my usual spot in the passenger seat. Sometimes I wish I could say “Stop the car”, but there are times when that is not possible, like when we are on the freeway. Hey, I figure, practice is practice, right? We drove through this one area that was nestled against the mountain side. There were about 30 homes and most of those were not occupied. We did however see one pit bull out guarding one of the houses. The hermit in me thought to myself that I could live here and be content. Often when we are out driving and see land for sale, I day dream about building a place to play music and create art and feed people, like a collaboration cafe. So, maybe I am not so much a hermit that I still want to socialize every now and then.

I have a thing for heavy equipment like bulldozers, cranes, backhoes…

Yesterday, we left our place early to go grab breakfast. As usual, we got our fast food fix and drove around Sky Valley. The above photos are near a rock quarry. I grew up in Duarte and we were next door to the City of Irwindale. Irwindale has a few rock quarries and I have always been fascinated with those conveyor belts. Yeah, I know, I should have grown out of that by now but I ooh and aah over most John Deere or Komatsu equipment that I see parked at various areas as we travel. Volvo makes some sweet bulldozers, just saying. Maybe this is because my Dad was a cement mason or that he worked construction. One time I remember he let me and the kids in the neighborhood use his trowels to smooth out mud in the backyard like it was cement. The good ol’ days…

The photos above are of real junk yard dogs, well, maybe not junk yard but quarry dogs. They came out to great us as we surveyed the area. I had to stop myself from opening the door and taking them home. You know I had to look up this gem by Jim Croce, Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Another song from my childhood. Although the lyrics say Leroy Brown was madder than a junk yard dog, these dogs were not those kind of dogs.

The sun is about to rise and it’s time for me to tend my plants and stuff. Can’t wait to see where the roads will take us today. To you reader thanks for the visit and hope to see you again. May you take time to day dream today.

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