Rest Stop

Howdy! The 4th of July is two days away and on a Thursday! That used to excite me, you know, the holiday in the middle of the work week meant an extended weekend. It means nothing now as I have been on a 6 month extended weekend, my endless summer. There is work though, like walking and finding knew ways to run-away from those nerve things that interrupt my day now and again. Well, I hope all of you out there have a grand holiday. I just had a flash of a 4th of July in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Everyone used to gather at our house for the holidays. My Dad loved to BBQ and Mom loved to cook and feed people. Most weekends there was something cooking in that backyard. My brother-in-laws brought Unsafe & Insane fireworks, you know illegal fireworks and I remember thinking how cool it was! Most people in our end of the city had those fireworks. July days in the south side of Duarte started with a bang and a crackle as M-80s, Roman Candles and bottle rockets started going off just around dusk everyday until the 4th. One holiday, it got a little out of hand as most BBQ’s did when there was beer involved. One firework ended up at our neighbor’s house, well I vaguely remember that the firework had a propeller on it and when lit it took off like a missile or something. This is where it gets murky, I think either that wayward firework chased her or hit her. She was an older lady, in her 70’s and she partied also so it was “no harm, no foul” as she didn’t spill her drink or something like that. That yellow box style house and the holidays I do miss. I am so glad my children got to experience a little bit of it before my parents died. Somewhere along the line, and I can’t remember why, I have an aversion to family gatherings. I really am not anti-social but I get anxiety when I get invitations to family events. I guess I will have to address that at some point, but I have enough things going on right now.

Gotta share a little musical joy. This song just came up on my playlist by Them Vibes featuring Maggie Rose. This song feels like a holiday, a 70’s holiday! It is a definite ass shaker! Love the sound of the guitar and the bass! I started following Them Vibes when they went on tour with Maggie Rose. She has been on my radar for awhile as she is a little country and a lot bluesy. Check both of them out if you get a chance.

The search for my favorites is going strong. In the last few days I was able to get through two cards. One card took me almost a day and half. On that card was Country Nation, recorded August 2, 2018, Jason Bonham Experience (there are two cards for that show) recorded August 3, 2018, Lady Antebellum recorded August 25, 2018. I may shoot 25 shots or 600 depending on what I am feeling and seeing through the camera. However, when I get home I review the thumbnails, pick out 5 to 10 shots that catch my eye because they need little editing and create a folder on my computer. Then I put the card back in my camera till I have something else to shoot. I do this until the card is full. There are times when I have shot a set and did not like anything even if they were crisp and clear. I want my shots to tell a story, to convey how good the subject is that I am shooting, even if they are not crisp and clear. This also applies to the shoots with the models I have used. I will pull a few and then go back later, much later. Anyhow, when I go back over the second, third and sometimes even fourth time I always find something I missed. That card had lots of gems that I completely overlooked. I posted a few unedited ones below that I want to review again and maybe do further edits.

Wow, ever get a cold chill up your spine? Just had one of those moments. The song Hanging By Moment by Lifehouse called out for me to find and listen. It reminded me of five years ago when I was trying to figure out things in my life. This is also the time that hubby and I reconnected and also tried to figure things out. I had been dating another guy but my heart wasn’t in it, truthfully it belonged to someone else. He really affected me almost 20 years ago and I never quite recovered. Sometimes when my pain is unbearable and I feel like I can’t go on, I take it out on hubby by not speaking and just being quiet. He really has been my hero in more ways that I can say. I try to push him away but he holds on. Thank goodness no one is here to hear me singing right now.

I’m falling even more in love with you
Letting go of all I’ve held on to
I’m standing here until you make me move
I’m hanging by a moment here with you

I’m living for the only thing I know
I’m running and not quite sure where to go
And I don’t know what I’m diving into
Just hanging by a moment here with you

He and I have covered many miles in these past 5 years that is for sure making our own adventures like the two youngest children we are. Besides, I don’t know many men that would love a BMW such as me! BMW Big Mexican Woman – Yes, I have to like that acronym cause I can be big and excited and my own party. Party? Yeah my poor hubby puts up with me only wanting to order appetizers when we go out just because appetizers make me think of HAPPY HOUR. Most importantly, he lets me be me and he makes me laugh almost every day. The laughing I am talking about is loud and enough to wake the neighbors. Sorry neighbors!

Sometimes, life gives you what you need at the right time and I needed that, so thank you! To you out there in this world, have a good day and hope to see you again.


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