Chances are

There is a saying about coincidences that says something to the affect of “there are none”. Do I believe this to be true? Well, yes and no. Feelings is something I go by. In a previous blog I talked about the photos that I had received from Dani, the photographer that took my photos. I had a feeling about her and I was right. I just noticed that she had posted my photos on her blog and thought that was so cool and truly and honor! I feel horrible that I had not gone there to check it out earlier. Do check out her website and blog. Her work is exquisite and I only wish that I had that much talent at that young age. When she took those photos, I was in pain and tried my best to put on a brave face because I knew that I may not get the opportunity to sit for her again. She is that good and I am sure she will have a waiting list. It was such a lovely time as I have not talked to another live human in awhile that wasn’t via a text message or social media messaging. Glad I didn’t scare her away cause I was highly medicated and talking like I was…ugh.

I also got to capture her while she was shooting me. I wish I would have changed the lens as I had the 85mm attached dang it!

Would love to do a shoot of a photographer working!

Here is one shot from that shoot that I love! It really is hard for me to pose. I remember telling her about the areas that I try hide like my stomach and extra chin and she nailed it. To anyone that is about to have photos professionally shot, do tell the photog your worry spots and what your expectations are as it is key to great photos oh yeah and having a great photographer with a kick-ass attitude!

I think this one is my favorite but then I see another one and I love it just as much. I just noticed my shoes and love that! I asked her to include them as I am a Converse chick and those shoes have been through so many miles with me.

Well, the weekend is here. May yours peaceful. Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you around these parts again. Tootles!!

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