Well hello Thursday! It has been such a peaceful morning. Right now Desert Skies by the Marshal Tucker Band is playing. Just loving the fiddle playing and that beat just makes me smile. I just Goggled the lyrics and love this part near the middle of the song.

And when I die let me die
With a dream in my mind
A smile on my face and no trouble behind
And no cross on my grave 
To show my restin’ place

So I can listen to the wind blow
Let it blow let it blow
Sand over my trail
I got my saddle on the ground
And that ol’ moon he can still be found
Hidin’ in the desert sky

Tonight is Country Night at Fantasy Springs. If I get some rest we might be able to make it out. Honestly, I would go every Thursday night, if I could. However, it is such a long walk from the parking lot to Lit Lounge. I have a temporary disability placard so we can park in those parking spots but those are never available. I am not complaining, really. This only makes me walk more, that is why I never applied for the disability placard before. I just know that I am still recovering and figuring out that I need to practice what I preach about getting rest. Besides, some of my favorites are due back in Indio so I must preserve my stregnth.

This morning I got through two cards. Sadly, I have discovered that these cards still have plenty of room on them so I need to relabel so I can use the cards again. The first card I popped into the reader was from August 9, 2018. Hubby and I had went out to Country Night to see an old favorite JB & the Big Circle Riders. JB is Jack Brand and I have been following for quite awhile. He reminds me of a studio cowboy of old and I have imagined him on horse with a six-string (guitar) strapped to his back. Sorry, just the photographer in me imagining scenes in my head.

This band plays lots of classic country hits that keeps the floor swinging. Me, I usually get lost watching the dancers as I long to be on that dance floor with them but know that if I were on the dance floor someone might get a broken toe. Here is another fun fact about me, a friend once tried to teach me the electric slide for a few hours. I think she ended up stomping on my toes as I recall cause I just couldn’t get the easiest line dance, ever! So, I stay off of the dance floor.

The photos above are some my favorites for various reasons. I do remember this night as the stars had aligned and I didn’t get hassled about taking photos. The band is from the Los Angeles area and play all over from what I have seen through social media.

The second card was so colorful and fun. I remember that night when the Ghosts of Kelso played at the Catalina Spa RV resort in Sky Valley, CA. It was so much fun. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. This was on February 3, 21018. They played there this past April and sadly, I forgot a card so there were no photos.

This makes me want to hit the road and visit RV parks as all the people at the event seemed like they were having a blast and were so relaxed and happy. If you haven’t visited an RV park, check that out sometime, you will be glad you did.

To you reader where ever in the world you are have fun today and smile and laugh! Get lost in good thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

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