Dog Days

It is looking up here in the Coachella Valley and the weather is getting better.  My inner barometer indicates that today is going to be a better day.  My oldest son came out to visit and what a treat that was.  Jenny, our dog, was beside herself with joy.  However, he has left for Los Angeles and now I have a sad pug.  Jenny was only three months old when she came into our lives.  She is no dog, she is a pug.  She snorts, snores, has an insatiable hunger and is my mini-protector.  She even displays feelings, like sadness and after my son left yesterday, she was sad and you could see visible tears in her eyes. I know people think dogs are just animals but this animal is one of my best friends right now the other being our cat Taco.  Taco was also visibly upset when Jenny got to go for a car ride with her beloved Chunk, my oldest son.  He is named after his father.  I have never been able to call him Lawrence. The funny thing is, when I nicknamed him, he was only a few days old and so little, just over 6 pounds.  All my babies were born prematurely.  If I would have went full term, he would have been over 9 pounds from what the doctors had said and he is the only one I had naturally and the only one that has ever really challenged me and I knew that we would both grow out of it.  However, he has seemed to age while I have stayed stuck in suspended animation, still the over-grown teenager.

DSC_0207 chunk jenny

Speaking of Jenny, hours before my son came over, hubby and I took her to the dog park.  She had not been there since before my surgery.  I will let the photos speak.

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So, Jenny had quite the past few days.  I know some people must think it is silly how we treat our animals, mostly how I treat our animals.  I am home most days and only get out only to grab a bite to eat lately.  Hopefully, that will be changing as the weather is getting warmer and I can feel that I am not as stiff and crunchy.  I know that there are pills that I can take to alleviate or mask the pain but I am still choosing to forego them at this time.

Oh, what is this, I love this twangy sound I hear from He Called Me Baby a song sung by Lee Ann Womack and this reminds me that tonight, it is country night in the Coachella Valley. What a minute, when I looked up the words and the I see that there is another version of this song sung by Candi Stanton!  Back the truck up!  Who is Candi Stanton?  To be continued as I need to immerse myself in this women.  I added a link of her live version of that song.  There are several versions of this song, one being by Patsy Cline, go figure.  Very cool.  Nice…Well played High Garden…Well played…

Before I go, I will leave a few more photos that I shot.  I have been doing a bunch of stuff and things since I can’t sit for too long.  This post took me a combined total of two days to write and will still have typos and shit like that.  I finally gave in and started learning about Photoshop and I am really digging it!


I only used it for editing blemishes and changing colors and cropping.  Wanted to be a purist!  Ha ha!!  I’m a goofball with a wild imagination!  This is going to be so much fun OMG!!!

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a good day and hope to see you again…

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