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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday (No, not really, it’s actually Monday!).  It’s easy to get lost in what day it is as I am not working going to work each day like a normal adult person.  yesterday I posted a clip of a video that I almost deleted from Google.  It was shot in 2016 at the Hollywood Palladium.  The last time that I had been there was when I had seen Blink 182 and was in there by myself.  This time I had my two older boys with me and hubby.  I had first learned about the Descendents in 1993 after I had met Lawrence, the boys father.  He and I met through a social worker at Kaiser in Los Angeles.  She thought that we would make a great support team since we were close in age and had the same medical condition.  She must have known something as we went on to have 3 boys and were together for roughly 9 years. Anyhow, we had talked by phone and even exchanged letters via US Mail until we met in person! There were no cell phones or text messaging. No social media?!?! Oh the horrors! Once he sent me a cassette tape of Allroy Saves by ALLALL was the actually the Descendents, minus Milo Aukerman, as Milo went to college and later got a PHD.  The first time I played the tape, I was hooked.  They sang songs that I related to in a poppy punky way.  I saw ALL with singer Chad Price twice, once at the Palladium and once I think at the Shrine.  I remember standing near the back wall away from the floor as I was instructed.  During their set, I was left alone so my ex could get closer to the stage.  I totally understand the desire and need as I remembered thinking that I was going to be strong enough to be out there with them in the crowd. I had just had that stroke and was still getting used to the new normals like balance in my life.  It did take about 20 years or so but I did it. I missed the last few times the band was here in California but not the next time.  They, like we (hubby & I), our getting older and these guys are all about our age. The drummer Bill Stevenson even had an issue with his brain as I learned in there documentary Filmage that was released a few years ago.  Hopefully, I will be posting video from Descendents shows in 20 years when I am 69, one can only hope, right?

The video was recorded during one of my favorite songs, I’m the One and Testosterone. I remember putting my phone back in my pocket and not getting anymore video or photos but that did not matter.  My boys Karl, named after the bass player Karl Alvarez of the Descendents (my sons father chose the name), and Chunk were there with hubby and I.  My older son, following in his fathers footsteps, left us to watch the show by himself and get a closer look. My son Karl and hubby stayed by my side to protect me, but I think I was protecting them, no seriously it was chaos but divine chaos.  It was a special night for sure.  In the video below that was filmed via camera phone.  The crowd was sweaty, hot and sticky.  We had been pushed and jostled but gosh, it is the best feeling ever!!  It is so rad to turn to right and see some one singing the words that is around your age and then to get pushed by a young girl, probably a teen and she is singing all the words too.  In the bathroom there were ladies my age as well as teenagers and everyone was excited to be there.  How cool would it be to experience this with my kids and grand kids? I can only hope.

My musical tastes sure are varied depending on my moods.  However, I will always be a little punk rock and soul and country and what ever gets my body moving. So glad that I could enjoy that night with my guys, my sons and hubby.  I love looking at my sons IG stories to see what music he is going to add to it.  I love that he finds some obscure shit.  Makes me smile every time it is something I have never heard.  Often, I add music to my IG stories that relate to my kids and mostly post so they can see that I am okay and so they don’t worry too much.  These are the little connections that matter the most sometimes.

Descendents 2016 Hollywood Palladium
I only got a few pics from a camera phone that night.

Oh look at the time, it is a little before 6 am this Monday morning and time for me to start moving.

To you invisible eyes have a good day and hope to see you around these parts again.

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