Only When I Breath

We have made it back to Sunday morning unscathed, okay, a little sore, but otherwise okay.  It’s early here in the valley and there is a whole day ahead of us, can’t wait to see where the roads lead.  A few days ago when I was having issues with a card, I had been looking up old files and such and found an old blog post from about 10 years ago.  I laughed as I read over and remember the pain I was in during that time.  I had just started working in Encino, CA for this outsourcing company.  One of the owners was the coolest, on the first day of work I remember he reached out to shake my hand and I had winced in pain and told him that I had been out skating with the kids and took a tumble the day before.  He then excitedly started telling me about the longboard that he had in his car and took me to the garage to show it to me.  This was also the boss that went a few months without speaking to me and then one night we were one of a handful of people left in the office when he yelled from his office for me to get to see him right then.  I remember thinking that I was going to get fired.  No, he had Dead Kennedys on in his office and we wanted me to come in and listen.  He was rad like that. Below is the blog post that was written about 11 years ago actually.

38 year old, overweight, women do not belong on skateboards. I bought a new skateboard on Saturday. A great looking 9 in board with old school wheels that were salvaged from a board my son got for me. On Sunday, I followed my kids to the Staples Center so they could skate. My oldest took my new board. I thought riding a bike would be fairly harmless but I got cocky and decided to try my new board. I took a slight hill. Okay, I hate to admit it, but the first 10 feet of that little hill were the most awesome, liberating feeling I have had in a very long time. I know why the kids skate. I felt like I was flying. It was hard keeping my balance and I picked some speed, hit a little bump and ate pavement. I remember the sick sound my head made as I hit the cement. My ears rang for two days. I am lucky that I didn’t break anything. However, today is Wednesday, it hurts to breathe more now and I am in much more pain than I was on Sunday. My oldest says that I got to keep trying and that it does not hurt as much after each fall. My youngest said that next time I should wear a helmet, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads and floaties. I would have laughed, but it hurt too much. Regrets, I have none. Would I do it again? Of course…D’oh! Where do get a Matrix plug for my head? All I know I know that this is living, every, joke, every bump, scrape and burn. Almost 17 years ago, I had a stroke. I was sent home to die because my arteriousvenous malformation was considered inoperable. Luckily, the wonders of modern medicine saved me. I now have 4 great kids that keep me young. I still have battles with my health but am not ready to take it easy and lead a safe, dull boring life. So, next on my agenda, I am going to learn how to surf! Anyone wanna teach me…it could be pretty humorous!

I worked at that company for 3 1/2 years.  Around my second year, I had been working 45 to 50 hours there a week plus working at the restaurant nights and weekends.  Life was busy. Anyhow, it had come up in a conversation with my boss one time that I wanted to learn how to surf and had been looking up classes at a school in La Jolla, CA, Surf Diva School.  A few days after that convo, I had my surf trip and my first vacation, albeit three days long, in a very long time.

Those photos were taken on a Blackberry so the quality not so great but the memories were just what I needed.  I will be back in the water to try again.  During that time I was having a flare from what was thought was MS.  During that time, I was treated with a high dose of steroids and my legs felt like lead weights.  I never did stand up on the board but only made it to “table top” position.  It was exhilarating and  can’t wait to get back out there to try that again.  Water is healing, you know?

Have a lovely Sunday where ever in the world you are and thank you for stopping by.


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