Throwing Fire Into the Water

It took me a little extra time to go through last weeks shots from Country Night.  Something would always come up when I would start editing.  Pain or I needed to go for walk and the internet around here is so spotty lately that I have wanted to throw my computer against the wall.  However, I have taken a few anger management classes in my day so I no longer throw things.  True story.  I even had to stop editing the shots I took of Miss Winchester.  My computer decided it needed a break so I was only able to do minimal things.  Honestly, I think the Universe may have had a hand in these little malfunctions as I was able to get some other work done and take care of me.  Back in business and able to open the card that I thought was destroyed.  Yes! I thought it was damaged. Meltdown averted.  Hubby must of thought I was crazy yesterday as I was walking around kind of sad and melancholy.  Funny thing, I had eagerly downloaded a few of the shots from the afternoon shoot and saved them on my computer and then I saved a couple the next morning from that night.  When I went back to edit, I got the evil damaged card message when I slipped the card into the camera to take a quick photo.  I tried it a couple of times and then tried it in my reader and no luck.  Talk about devastation.  So, I put the card to bed and left for a bit and edited what I had, which was not much. On that card was Ghosts of Kelso in Beaumont, Sarah Winchester and Country Nation.  Happy to report, I spoke to the Universe yesterday and made nice with her and tried the card few different times, stroked it real nice and I got it to work and downloaded the whole card.  So, if I stick it in the reader again and it doesn’t work at least I have a copy…whew!  So yesterday I was able to edit.  It had been awhile since I shot from my favorite areas of the second floor.

Pardon me, gotta sing my song.

Every last one, route one, rural heart’s got a story to tell
Every grandma, in-law, ex-girlfriend maybe knows it just a little too well
Whether you’re late for church or you’re stuck in jail
Hey, word’s gonna get around
Everybody dies famous in a small town

Thank you Miranda for that need beat to get my blood pumping and get the shit show going for the day!  Not really, but yeah.

It is still hard to bend and get into various positions.  Last Thursday afternoon, I only spent about 40 minutes with Sarah and there were so many things I wish I could have done and while I was reviewing the photos I knew that I should have stepped back in few of them and used a different lens in some and such.  This just makes me want to work harder in physical therapy.  These photos are my favorites even though they may not be perfect and could probably be better.

It was also fun to take a few photos of the band and her singing last Thursday night.  What a treat as I didn’t have to worry about getting asked to put my camera away. Thanks guys, I really appreciated that!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyhow, lot’s to do today and it’s Friday! Ummm fries….hunger….yeah…you who ever you are that made to the end of this post have a great day!  Hope to see you around these parts again soon…


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