Baby Blue

You learn something new everyday.  Often as I am listening to music in the morning after hubby has left.  I look up the song stats, writer and such.  I have always fancied this song by Them It’s All Over Now Baby Blue with it’s haunting, repetitive lines and Van Morrison’s soothing voice.  I had no idea that Bob Dylan actually wrote and recorded the song around 1965.  I thought I had looked up everything about Van Morrison as I am a fan and even went to see him by myself at the Hollywood Bowl around 2010ish.  He was amazing and I was in awe.  I hope to travel to Ireland as I follow him on IG and I see that he plays in some fancy locations like castles.  How cool would that be to see him in a castle in Ireland?  Excuse me while I dream for a bit longer this morning.

Back to reality, yesterday I got to speak to the photographer about the project that I am working on and she is on board.  This makes me excited!  We are getting together tomorrow to go over the details and to take photos, my photos!  Get ready world, let’s see if all of my marathon watching of America’s Next Top Model did any help for this fashion clueless chick.  Seriously, if this goes as planned, it should help others and me.

DSC_0782 michelle selfie-2.jpg
Typical bathroom selfie.  Yes, those are lights in my hair.  haven’t quite figured out the “duck-lip” pose yet.

Oh gotta stop, Bob Seger break…why should we worry, no one will care girl look at the stars so far away, we’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow…

I am really am bummed that we did not get to see Bob when he was in California just recently as I bring him up so often.  He kind of followed me through high school and beyond.  He’s a Michigan boy just like my grandson and my future granddaughter and like hubby.  His music resonates to so many generations.  The lyrics sing out about Beautiful Losers and his PSA  about Rosie and Nancy in the Fire Down Below.  I could go on and on but there is just so much more to do today and tomorrow and who knows.  All I know is that we only know our own stories and not the outward picture that most project or paint or sing about or pose for in a photo or the image that is captured.  Gosh, I sound like a stoned philosopher or was that Philosophers Stone?  Just don’t remember…

Yes, I sure know how to turn a Kodak moment into an infomercial.  You know, time to change the channel.  So with that, I bid you farewell and have a fabulous day and hope to see you around these parts again…deuces!

Oh yeah, I figured out the connection between me and the sappiness, some call it hanger but really it is hunger.  So happiness is bowl of Cheerios away…

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