Say you love me or say good night! I remember being around 13 years old and hearing this for the first time.  You Can Tuna a Piano But You Can’t Tuna Fish had come out in the late 70’s but I had not developed a love for them until Hi-infidelity when Keep On Loving You went to number one on the Billboard charts in the 80’s.  I was in goo-goo gaa gaa in  love with Kevin Kronin’s hair and his singing, of course and I did have magazine pages of him and Gary Richrath posted to my walls as well as Tommy Lee and Dio and many others.  I was all over the place.  Kind of like I am now.  I am editing three different things at the same time right now.  I suppose that is not a good thing but for me it is.  Each time I go back I see things in a different light.  Also, I am listening to music, that is why I bring up Reo Speedwagon cause now I am on to Damien Rice and I love this song about a Dogs and now Aretha  is singing how women is only human, you should understand, she not just a play thing she’s is flesh and blood, just like a man…You poor soul, if you are still reading, you have just went through the hell of my brain and what I go through everyday and every moment…ooh ooh ooh another good song…Focus…I need to focus.  I’m back.  Although Don Henley did write a great one cause this song got me through many lonely evenings back in the 2000’s and it was about forgiveness when you get down to the Heart of the Matter.  Mornings have been rough as they can be on occasions.  For people with my condition, Cauda Equina Syndrome, my kindred spirits, I feel you and know that it will all pass soon and the light will shine again and it will all be okay.

I just reached out to a photographer from Redlands, CA.  She is quite talented and I have been following her for about a year as we have both photographed the same model.  I will be sitting for this photographer on Friday!!  How exciting, right?!?  Originally, I wanted to do my own but after having this issue with my spine it is kind of hard.  Besides, I just want one good photo of me and this photographer is awesome.  She isn’t fake.  I seem to have a good read on people, I always have, kind of like a dog, without the ass sniffing business.  Can’t wait, this should be fun.

Have a lovely day to all of you beautiful souls.  Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again.

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