To all the goals I failed before…

“It is better to fail at your own life than to succeed at someone else’s.” ~ Andre Gide

Girlfriend, please
This is Analiesse and Angel in Old Town Indio, CA

Yesterday, I posted a few shots of an a shoot I did in December 2017 with Analiesse Lagunes and her friend Angelica.  This was done on Palm Canyon Dr. in Palm Springs, California around 3:30 PM. I knew that I needed permits and such so I remember that I had sent her shoot details and told her what I wanted as far as make-up and clothing as we need to get it done quick! Her and her friend knocked it out of the park.  The shoot took less than 35 minutes.  I honestly think Analiesse should consider an acting career or something or maybe maybe some commercial modeling.  She takes directions well.  Lately, I have had lots of time to review old cards from the past two years of shooting.  The good, the bad and a whole lot of not so great.  I still want to keep trying, even if no one but me appreciates it.  What is that saying I keep seeing?  There is this quote about if it matter to you then it matters or something like that.  Anyhow, I think I was on to something.  A few years ago when I had just lost one job and was very ill, I was talking to a good friend of mine and I mentioned that I really would like to try some kind of non-profit business to empower women in the Coachella Valley. One common thing that I had noticed in the few jobs that I had worked at in the Coachella Valley, is that women and some men of my age, lacked common Excel and Word skills and other basic office skills.  Heck, some of my ex-coworkers didn’t even know their basic employee rights.  (That is a whole other blog I will have to write about.) We had worked on our dreams and goals over that summer and we also did a couple of photo shoots as I had also wanted to start a photography business.  Not much happened with either, and that’s okay.  Thing’s take work and time.  Honestly, I was not ready and am still not as my body was very sick then no matter how hard I tried to cover it up.  I know now that I am on the right path to recover this time but know that it will take time again.

Here are a few of my first few tries at shooting fashion photography. My inexperience with the camera, shines through on this first shoot.  Angel said she knew the perfect spot for us to use.  She was right.  It’s funny, when my husband I are out driving the scenes just appear before me and I am picturing future shoots and hoping I can find the right subject or subjects for my visions.  I have new project in mind as I sit this morning.

DSC_0110 angel

I wanted to show how strong she is, stronger than any flowers.

DSC_0130 use

Then I shot myself with a remote control. Again, pain level very high._DSC1022 16x9-4.jpg

Pain scale level 8….Yes, I know, I am not a model but I was practicing with the remote and I trying to get something to post for my website.

DSC_0004  3.jpg

This is one of my favorite’s of Angel.  She is a Mom, model and make-up artist.

_DSC0057 4x4

To you reader, happy Sunday.  May you dance today, even if it’s in your seat.


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