My Inner Child

Oh my Gawd!! I was just looking at Instagram and Tanya Tucker just posted pictures of herself from 1974,  this may have been her Delta Dawn days and I know it was before her TNT album was released. I love her! Anyhow, she was re-posting a picture that someone had snapped of her in at a concert.  I was four in 74 so chances are I had probably heard of her music but don’t remember it because I was four years old, that would come a few later when Tanya released TNT. I remember staying over at my sister’s godparents house for the weekend in Sierra Madre, California.  Their daughters Noel and Linda that had that record.  It was gorgeous.  Tanya was on the cover in front of dynamite in a tight leather catsuit.  I was in awe.  We danced and sang into our hairbrushes to her songs.  Quite possibly, there were thousands of little girls dancing in living rooms to her songs doing the exact same things we were.  That may have been one of the early shaping of my love of photography now that I think about it.  As I recall, I used to study the pictures as well as read the articles of music magazines back in the day.  As soon as I am able, I will post some of my early work with 35 mm film. That’s all there was oh there was 110 and then disc, umm, I think.  Kind of medicated so can’t remember those details. Funny, I haven’t picked up my Nikon since the Ghosts of Kelso played just before my surgery.  Hopefully, after the staples are removed and I get more strength back I can start shooting again.  I have set a goal.  Maggie Rose is playing the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA April 3, 2019.  She is a bluesy singer.  She blew me away the first time I heard her. Check her out if you haven’t heard her before. Last night while I was telling my hubby about Maggie Rose, I played her version of The Letter by Joe Cocker to him.  So he got out his guitar and started playing the song and I looked up the words and we played the song while I laid on the bed and sang along.  It was so much fun!!  It let me forget my pain for a while.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I get 16 staples removed from my back.  Oh, joy! Also, I find out what happened during surgery. Everything happened so fast.  On January 31 at approximately 1 pm I had surgery on my spine, The following day, February 1, I was released to come home.  So, I know I talked to the doctor but my memory is a bit foggy.

Today is Sunday.  Enjoy your day. Do what makes you happy or better just be nice, it might make you feel good.

Which Way Will I Go?
Little Me





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