Lost in my head…send coffee…and donuts

Last week’s shoot has been finally reviewed and most edits are at 90% but what do I do now?  My mind is just wandering.  Now the self-doubts start creeping in.  Did I do everything right?  The would-a’ could-a’ should-a’s start creeping in.  So, I just sent off my finals as I couldn’t review anymore.  I liked something about every photo that I took for Ashley’s shoot.  I will post my favorites at the end of this post but I am sure if I go back into her folder I will be sure to spot a new favorite.

This past week, the hubby and I got to stop by and listen to the Rob Staley Band at Fantasy Springs.  Right away, I noticed the beard action the guys were displaying.  You just never know what you are going to get when you go and see these boys.  As always, they played my favorites and that’s old country tunes and even some of their own original songs.  The first time we saw this band was back in 2014 or maybe it 2015 but all I remember is that in November of 2016 we going on a date night so I think possibly to see this band when I had that seizure in the casino.  I didn’t go back there for almost a year and that was when I photographed them 10/5/2017.  I had been ill for quite a few months and my poor hubby was game to anything I wanted to try to make me feel better.  I had been taking photos of his band, The Ghosts of Kelso, for so long that I wanted to see if I could shoot from the Lit Lounge balcony.  I figured I could use it as practice.  Well, thank you to all the bands that I have photographed there.  You have all helped this old lady out.  I really am not trying to sell  them or garner social likes and follows.  If I wanted that, I could pay for followers, but no one does that, right?  You see, I guess it is a hobby and that is all it will ever be.  I love music and all the intricacies and workings of a band.  It amazes me every time I watch how the timing has to be perfect for the song to sound right.  My hubby must get tired of all the questions I ask and how I am paying attention to other musicians that are not him.  Anyhow, last year around March, I was told I could not shoot at the hotel, specifically Lit Lounge.  So, now I sneak a few quick ones and maybe a video.  I don’t want to upset the little bartender who thinks that he must keep an eye on me every time I am there just like I am a thief.  So, as hard as it is I really must stop going there at least without the Nikon.

Have a ________day, whoever you are that is reading this.  This is your life, fill

in the blank.



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