Instagram has opened my eyes to many new artists that I would have never heard before.  For instance, The Barry Brothers from New York.  They are a high energy, Southern rock-ish, funky, I just can’t get enough of them!  I plugged them into my Pandora playlist and love when any of their songs come up.  Right now Broken Night Light is on and the drum beat is infectious and has me bouncing my foot and my head even though it hurts. I just had nasal surgery a week ago and most movement to my head hurts at the moment.  You see, the band liked one of my photos, so I checked out their Instagram page and then their Youtube and loved what I saw and heard. So, I followed them on Instagram.  Well, they hardly ever post.  Then one of the band members started following me so, I followed back.  Pretty nifty this social media thing.  It has expanded my musical library three-fold as Pandora made other suggestions based on my new found love of The Barry Brothers.  My only wish is that they played more live, well at least out here in the West Coast.  Hello Universe, are you listening?

Here is to making it to day three in a row of blogging.  Whoopee!!  I am also an aspiring photographer here in the Coachella Valley.  Here is some of my earlier work with my dog Jenny. Have a beautiful day!



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