Sucker Punch

_DSC0436 love-2_DSC0513-2_DSC0439 james cormierGood things take time, right?  Here I am lost again in a sea of I don’t knows and what do I do now. Maybe it is the codeine talking.  Maybe it is this drip coming from my nose that I can not get rid of for the life of me. This will pass and the doctor said that I should be able to resume normal activity in a few days.  This is day three post-op and I want to feel better already!!  Actually, I already do.  This is a big accomplishment sitting here typing.  Hopefully, there are not to many typos as I am not able to wear my eyeglasses yet. Those last eight or so sentences were written about  nine hours ago.  (Make that 24 hours ago…d’oh!) You see, I am a procrastinator.  Some might say I am a dreamer or that I may have ADHD.  No, I suffer, hmmm, suffer if not the right term for it either.  I get lost sometimes. There are just so many thoughts rushing around in this head of mine and so many things that I want to accomplish and so little time.  For the last year or so I have been taking photos of my husbands band and any band that I have been around that is playing.  Well, that is, if it was allowed and if band said it was okay (and if I didn’t get caught).  Yes, if I didn’t get caught.  A few of the places I have taken photos I technically was not even supposed to take my Nikon into the venue.  People have asked me why I do it.  At first, I was just doing it to get better pics of my husbands band for social media posts.  Then it sparked a long interest in music in me.  I used to spend hours, thousands of hours, thumbing through rock and roll magazines as a kid in the 80’s.  I studied those concert photos and magazine shoots. Could I do it too?  So, with the help of my hubby and my silly, childhood dreams, I started practicing anywhere and everywhere I could.  I approached this the way I have everything in my life that I couldn’t afford the education as on the job training even though I am not getting paid or really working.  My first attempt at a band that was not my husbands band was the Rob Staley Band on 10/5/17 at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA.  Since that night.  I have photographed his band four times.  Three times at the same casino and once in Huntington Beach, CA.  It has been fun to watch them grow and interact.  The first time they saw me with my camera pointed at them from the balcony, they had no idea who I was, they just knew I was taking pics. The second time around, I got to speak briefly with the guys and guitar player, James Cormier, knew me from Instagram. I thought that was cool. That time I was asked by hotel staff to put my camera away.  I obliged as one must follow the rules as I enjoy going to Big Country Thursday’s at Lit Lounge. By the way, these are a great bunch of guys and musicians. They even write and play their own, original music! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to see where they are playing next.

I thought this would be fun, to see how I have progressed, or not, in my photos of the Rob Staley Band so I have posted some of my earlier photos of the band.

Thank you to who ever is reading this!  Have a fabulous day and may you get where you are going! Hope to pass your way again  ~mk



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