Where ever you go, there you are

Happy Friday! Usually, on Friday’s I am editing what ever I manage to capture at Fantasy Springs Casino at Big Country Thursday but was not feeling up to it as I stayed in last night. Last Thursday I shot the band South 65 from Visalia, CA. This was the third time in the past year. I know the rules, I am not supposed to take my pro-camera in there and take pictures. I had my non-pro camera in there, I was there as a fan. That is the honest truth. I even had the Nikon J1 which is on 10.1 mega pixels. The bartender who I have had a few exchanges with in the past cut me off while I was video taping the guys. I made sure not to film any of the patrons of the casino and only the band. I made sure to get band approval. They gave me the thumbs up. This bartender decided that he was the security guard and made me stop. So, last night, I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. However, I really wanted to be there as the band last night was Dynamite Draw from Arizona and they have a fiddle player. Big sad face. I had taken pictures of them last year and lost the card when my Sony was stolen. So, I will have to keep an eye out for them and try again. The next day, my hubby and I went on a road trip to Chula Vista, CA to see Lady Antebellum. I had scored free tickets! They were lawn seats but hey, free is free and we even had free parking! While we were parking, I discovered that I had left my empty card at home and had a half full card in my smaller camera so I had to use that one in my Nikon and hoped I could sneak it in the venue. Luck would have it and I was able to get my Nikon and my 55-200 in! It just wasn’t powerful enough for the lawn area…ugh! I still got a couple shots that were decent, nothing exciting but just happy memories. I did get to meet some cool people when I tried to get closer to the edge of the lawn area. These people thought it was rad that I got my camera in and told me to come back when Lady A started. I never made it back to their area but wished I would have as they did have a great spot. The following day, on the way home, we stopped in Huntington Beach as I like to take photos off the pier of surfers and volleyball players and sometimes the just take random shots of the pier. That Sunday as we were walking to the pier I heard this sound and had to get to it. It was The Tiki Creeps. They were playing on a stage just to the left of the pier. Oh my gosh! They rocked! I tell ya, you just never know when you are going to hear and see some amazing musicians. They even had a rad Fender Jaguar guitar and bass. I really liked how they had a vintage vibe. My hubby and I listened to them till they finished their set. Very impressed.

Time to head off to the 9-5. The Ghosts play tomorrow at the Red Barn and this means I get to have fun turning people blue 🙂 Gotta love low-light photography and dancing people.

Have a sparkly day.

Emmme Lee

Here is a link to a cover of Honky Tonk Women that Lady Antebellum did that night and a video of the Tiki Creeps in action.  Enjoy!





Now that I have all this free time, I can go back and edit and add stuff.  Cool, right. 2.9.19 (updated).



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